Survey Cam

Field of Photography involves a large scope. It extends to many professional sectors. Health sector has X Ray, CATS can and MRI by way of photo technology. In the research field subjects been researched are photographed. Then photography extends to social sectors such as weddings, parties, shows etc. It extends to personal use like photographing anything of personal interest. Narrowing down photography technology to another important professional area of Survey. To state the only scientific methodology available to ascertain the exact details of the subject been surveyed for a reason. To make this clearer, a large land will be surveyed to plot out smaller portions to be sold. To provide a super professional service to this industry, a professional App has come about. It is the Survey Cam.

Survey Cam is one of the best Android Camera apps that you can use on surveys. This Camera apk has almost all the features required for free. No need to use unknown sources to download this camera app. Available for free download on play store.

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Features of Survey Cam

GPS Camera – Switch on to GPS and get all those exact details pertaining to the location where work is carried out.GPS mode will give details to the pinpoint.

Time stamp Camera – Immediately after an image is captured stamp all those important details on the image. Location name, Time. Add a note to record details such as the name of the company, name of the project and anything else.

All these can be done using watermark effect that will bring class to the images. Name the file and Wow! Now the job is completed in style.

GPS and time stamp Cameras will work together in harmony to bring about the best coordination to give that image all the professionalism it deserves.

Some of the Professionals who will benefit using Survey Cam App.

Civil Engineers –Need to design a building as per the extent of land. Roads and Railways, bridges, canals, dams, sewage etc. Have to be done to meet area specifications.

With the Survey stamp all these requirements like the land and area measurements etc. Can be captured with GPS Imaging and relevant notes made with the time stamp feature.

Land Surveyors –With GPS, one is assured that a survey is carried out at the correct location. Therefore, no legal issue will come about.

Real Estate Agents –Will be able to make sure by checking with the App if a clients details relating to the location is correct before engaging in a deal.

Any other professional could also benefit by the Apps features.

With such an amazing magnitude of features Survey Cam offers all of the professionals’ work involving complexity will become that much easier. Simply nothing can go wrong with the work, as the App has paid attention from the large picture to the tiniest detail. Cut down on any extra work as the Survey CamApp will take care of it all. Use Survey CamApp and feel the difference now.