Supporting Elderly Parents Into the Next Chapter

As parents age, a role reversal takes place as children become caregivers. When this situation becomes your reality, you’ll have to make difficult decisions about who will care for your parents and where that care will take place. Good health and a high level of independence allow for more options and freedom in deciding living arrangements for aging parents; however, as time goes on, there will be a greater need for help. This can cause stress and frustration for your family, but luckily there are facilities that offer seniors full, enriched lives as they continue into their golden years.

Understanding Assisted Living

A great option to consider for elderly parents who are still reasonably independent but may need extra help with day-to-day activities is assisted living facilities Denver. This type of care facility allows patients to have the comfort of their own space, go about their daily routine as they normally would and participate in socialization with other members of the community. There is staff support available 24/7 for things like dressing, laundry, medication management and more. They could also benefit from additional purchases to help them benefit from day to day life in the same way. If they are hard of hearing, for example, there are mobile phones for seniors available to assist them with this aspect of their lives. For people with more extensive medical needs, it is important to have a transparent discussion with the facility to ensure it is equipped to provide the level of care your parents deserve and need.

Determining Your Budget

The cost is a major factor for most people when selecting an appropriate care option for elderly parents. Review your budget by taking into consideration assistance from insurance, income sources – including your own and that of your parents – and possible government aid programs, which will vary by state. One of the wonderful things about assisted living is that there are various levels of care that can be tailored to your needs and budget, as well as different payment options available to you, such as month to month.

Having the Talk

Open communication will make this process easier for everyone involved. While starting the conversation may be difficult, the earlier you can have this discussion, the better. This is a serious topic and not something you want to spring on your parents or make them feel as if they have no say. Take the time to discuss everyone’s wants, expectations and concerns or fears. Be considerate of what these changes mean for your parents and understand this may be only the first of many conversations. Stay positive and go over the many benefits and freedoms they will have at their new home. Consider taking a tour of the facility together in advance to further demonstrate how wonderful this new chapter can be.

Change usually makes people uncomfortable, and parents are no exception. Moving to a care facility will be an adjustment for everyone in the family. Love, support and honesty will go far in making this transition less stressful for all and ultimately will give your loved ones a greater quality of life going forward.