Successful Websites vs Failed Websites: what they do differently

SEO websites and other Digital Advertisers spend a lot of time covering up the tips and techniques that are given to you. This can range from the recommendations to a specific number of keywords in your page’s title tags to the ‘must-do’ techniques involving a certain type of backlink.

Given the news of today’s market, it’s easy to get swept up in minor changes, minute elements of websites and ignore the more foundational issues that can lead to a website’s success or failure. Before you start worrying about implementing the latest SEO techniques ensure that your website meets all of the following criteria and if you don’t have these small issues right from the start then it’s unlikely that SEO will make a difference in performance. Here are a couple of things successful websites differently:

  • Successful websites look professional

People judge a book by its covers and a website by its appearance. If your website looks old, outdated,and has no delivery system then it’s time for an update. This doesn’t mean that only your website appearance contributes to your success, besides your website’s professional outlook, you still need certain factors to generate traffic and revenue. If you aren’t a professional web designer and you don’t have a high budget then you can still make use of a number of online programs and design your website to look aesthetic.

  • Successful websites have a proper business model

A successful web designing company on its own isn’t a business model. A website is a collection of data and pages that customers visit to receive information from your company. How you retain those users and convert them into customers will determine whether your site will be a success or a failure.  A successful website needs to pair an attractive look and a good business model, this includes selling a physical or digital product on-site, generating income leads to an offline business, gathering income through ad revenue, and referring sales to an affiliate product.

While there are a lot of other possible business models to consider besides these few, the common ground between these is that the websitesthat utilize these strategies have a mechanism to gain something from their presence.

  • Successful websites offer something unique

Each site needs to bring something different and unique to the table in order to be effective. For example, if website A is a blog that’s launched because its owner heard that blogging is a good way to bring in money, but the site focuses on a single niche, and the products and services offered are related to the industry. Website B, on the other hand, has been launched and has a professional experience of 20 years, his past experiences and website niche allows him to craft suitable content that’s of interest to people at all levels of their selected field. The products sold by the website are in high demand because he knows how to market his content. These two websites represent most of the sites available today. An SEO expert will be able to offer something truly unique on their website, keep up with the competition, and use marketing strategies properly to target their niche audience.


Websites that are professional, know what they are doing will reach their goals, and get their expected results. Sufficient attention and budget need to be dedicated to the outcome as well as a proper plan. If you’re unable to come up with an ideal marketing strategy then it’s recommended to hire an SEO and web designing agency that knows what they are doing and who can tweak your website so that you get the desired goals you want.