Submersible Pump installation- power driven pumps

Submersible flat cables are specially designed to provide electrical power in wet condition. These cables have the ability to operate in plastic, and rubber compound coating. The coating of plastic will make these cables to withstand against the liquid substances.

Flat submersible cable ranges by their standard.  They are applicable in mechanical and electrical properties. These cables are crafted with the advanced technology in the outer sheath to abrasion in high resistant PVC. The outer sheath helps for the durability and to perform efficiently. Here are the tips to select and size the submersible pumps are discussed below.

Guidelines for electrical installations

The National Electric Code will regulate the guidelines for a submersible pump to install in electrical applications. The type of cable and regarding the requirements will detect by the help of NEC code. The specific type of cable is attaining by the latitudes in the installer information. 

The size of the pump and the cable will be classified into two types among the multi-conductor cable as Underground feed cable and the submersible pump cable.

Submersible pump cable is designed to carry the electrical loads safely inside the water. A submersible cable for a pump is approved by the Underwriters laboratories for underwater duty. The cables for submersible pumps can be used between the control panel and the wellhead. Local codes of the pump may require the underground high-voltage wiring to disconnect so long as it is run in conduit.

What are the components of submersible pump cable?

The conductors, insulation and the insulated conductor material are the components of submersible pump cable. The three types of pump cable are used in methods of twisted, flat, heavy-duty flat jacketed and parallel.

  • Conductors – Copper wires to conduct the electricity
  • Insulation – the sheath cover to protect the copper conductors from shorting to ground or by them.
  • Insulated conductors – A rubber or plastic material covers the insulating material as a covered jacket.

A flat jacketed cable is most expensive to provide mechanical protection. By using the flat jacketed cable is better for steel well casing. The twisted or flat cables for submersible pump is the reasonable choice to use in PVC well casing in the lowest price and their characters do not lend themselves to excessive abrasion.

What are the conductors sizes are used in the cable?

In the submersible cable, the conductors are available in a multitude of sizes. The smaller cable is identified in the measure of American Wire gauge. The largest pump cables are not applicable in the water well applications. Heavy cables are weighing in five pounds and more than in feet for three conductors.


The individual copper strands to make up the conductors to make over in pump cable. The finer stranding in the cable offers more flexibility.

Grounding the Pump

Submersible motors to be grounded to the entrance of service means ruining the Ground wire green from the motor to the service entrance. The combination of cables is used in the installation. Rubber mounted is most flexible for the PVC insulation.