Smart Watch User Guide

Intelligent products keep pouring into our life. It keeps changing our life. In recent years, intelligent devices are in a new era: people wear intelligent devices on their body. Smart watches are one of them.

Different from ordinary watches, smart watches not only have the functions of ordinary watches. They have some functions beyond ordinary watches. They produce some other values.

You may feel this way at ordinary times: you seem to sleep well, but when you get up the next day, you feel tired. Why is this? Because your body is uncomfortable.

A person’s mental state is related to many factors. The healthier you are, the better your mental state will be. A person’s health is related to your diet, exercise and psychological state. For example, you think you have enough sleep time. But that may be not reasonable. Human beings and human bodies cannot be generalized. Some people may sleep for six or seven hours. Others may sleep for ten hours. When you think that you have enough sleep, you may have too much sleep time. Too much sleep time will bring fatigue to people.

At this time, you need smart watches to help you analyze. Smart watches can record your sleep and wake-up time. It can analyze your sleep depth and gives you a reasonable data. According to these data, you can see when you have the best sleep quality. You can see when you have the worst sleep quality. You can know when you should fall asleep. This is the best time to sleep. So you can achieve a scientific sleep state.

Exercise is another factor that affects your daily spirit. A person who insists on sports and a person who lacks sports give people different feelings in mental state. Therefore, exercise is a good way to improve one’s poor mental state. How to exercise and what amount of exercise is suitable for you? You can use the data given by the smart watch. For example, your heartbeat rate and pace during exercise. Through the curve distribution of these data, we can analyze whether this exercise is suitable for us. We can analyze the amount of exercise and physical state with the passage of time. Excessive exercise is not only not good for our body, but also harmful to our body.

With a reasonable work and rest and a healthy body, the mental state will improve. A good mental outlook can make you more confident.

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