Slot-staple for land and online casinos.

From the late 20th century, online slots have become a phenomenon. In this era, slot machines gained immense popularity and transformed from a simple lever to the modern electronic device. From a simple three reeled machine slot evolved to multidimensional video slots with numerous features. The journey of online slots is a bit unusual. The first video slot was named “Fortune Coin,” developed by a company registered in Las Vegas. The gamblers took time to get acquainted with the machine, as they are still betting on the mechanical reels. The company was bought by IGT in 1978, and the RNG system was incorporated into the slot. 

Exhilarating journey 

IGT put continuous effort into improving the design and performance of Fortune Coin. From the early 80s, video slot armed with RNG, additional paylines, and extra features became a regular casino game in the Las Vegas strip. The popularity of slot machines was racing at furious space; in the 1990s, WMS Industries Inc. developed a second bonus screen which further propelled slot machines’ status.  Then came the exotic phenomenon of free spins and bonuses, the trend that still holds its relevance. The proliferation of the internet, low cost urged manufacturers to build slot machines to play from home.

Microgamming is a pioneer in this domain since its inception in 1994. The company published the first online progressive video slot under the banner of “Cash Splash.” Increased broadband, internet speed, state of the art technology heralded this new form of a slot game. The slot machines’ design became sleek, the user experience enhanced, the visual, audio quality improved significantly, and many players started to download slot games or played online. Now you will find thousands of slot machines with excellent features. Developers are coming with new versions with the exquisite range of free spins, bonuses, and unique features. With winning multipliers, you can access ten to a hundred free spins, enhancing your winning probability.

The smartphone device and technology improved radically so did the spectrum and quality of mobile slots. Popular online slots were optimized to become compatible with different operating systems and devices. Earlier mobile slot games were slow, chunky using buttons of handsets, but with the advent of the touchscreen, the user experience became flowing and operation seamless. Now you can play slot games on a tablet, and Microgamming is toying idea for slot games that would be played in Apple smartwatches. Every day new versions of slot games are hitting the market with lavish layouts and multiple paylines.