Shopping In Goa: 6 Flea Markets In Goa That You Should Not Miss

Goa is loved by all and is on the wish list of every traveller in India. While the beach, exotic holiday life, water rides and food are some of the major attractions of the place, there is something more exciting for the shopping lovers, the flea markets.

Shopping in Goa can be incredibly amazing since anyone can purchase varied stuff, from premium tea to reshami rugs or handmade exotics. This place can offer you the best experience of all time. So, let’s explore through the shopping corners of this amazing holiday destination.

1.   Calangute Market Square

Calangute Bazaar is found in the North Goan region, it is a flea market that is visited often by travellers. In this market, you can discover everything starting from swimsuits to mouthwatering oysters along with chilled beer served with ice cubes. There are seaside cabins from where you can buy knick-knacks created of gastropod coverings. When you are shopping in Goa you can discover Tibetan and Kashmiri tents peddling jewels, handlooms, and tchotchke.

2.   Mackie’s Night Bazaar

As obvious from the term, Mackie’s is an evening bazaar that puts up with a spot near the coast of River Baga. Mackie’s market was previously a portion of the Ingo’s Night Market. It delivers a different disco theme, finger-licking grub, as well as fashionable thrifting hubs all jointly beneath the dark atmosphere. While shopping in Goa one can purchase souvenirs, oxidized jewels, relics, and handcrafted gifting items while gulping on delicious food from a unique food court.

3. Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Anjuna Flea Market on retail on Wednesday is a true gems stockpile of charms, handcrafts, bohemian dress, antiques, and whatever else you need from inexpensive purses to shoes and imitation ornaments. Also, famous as the name of the diva of Bohemian street marketplace, the Anjuna Flea Market exists as greatly as a portion of the Goan adventure as the waterfronts. Moreover, with the charms and formal knick gifts, Anjuna Flea Market again conducts live carol and team up concerts. Don’t miss the chance of visiting this market while shopping in Goa.

4. Saturday Night Market Arpora

One of the very popular street markets in the seaside of Goa is the Saturday Night Market in Arpora is an incredible spot not only for thrifting but for feeling the authentic Goa ambience. It is also famous for just like the Ingo’s Night bazaar, where you can discover the taste of everything starting from – apparel, moccasin, spices as well as condiments, rugs, household emblem articles. The marketplace is allocated into three distinct portions. The Lower Field gives the normal inexpensive ordinary apparel, slippers, feathered bed, mats, and hand-knit kaftan, and the Central region is recognized for keeping vodka, passion & wine pubs, and grub booths with various Goan famous eateries. To know more about the Goan markets and beaches do visit this link-

5. Baga Market

Baga Market is an extremely famous flea market in the region of Goa which more or less looks like the Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar. Shopping in Goa is incomplete if you don’t visit Baga Market. It is located on the seaside area, it includes chains and chains of tents trading charms, ornaments, bistros peddling rawly fermented coffee as well as pork slabs, crystal ball gazers, and tarot card readers who convey intuitions into your destiny. The major temptation of this marketplace is the seaside taverns. Standing in a flea market, you will find everything here at a discount.

6. Le Souk

Le Souk is sponsored by the Amarya Group and is considered to be Goa’s major extravagance marketplace retailing luxury and elegant apparel. It is an outdoor market that retails garments designed by International and Indian weavers exhibited on a big canvas. At Le Souk market you can spend lavishly on a few luxurious apparel and munch on some delicious crepes. Many stores a  must digging into are The Shop, Jonas G, and Shades of India for extraordinary layouts created from excellent materials.

So,  where in Goa will you shop at? Do you need some suggestions? Just try them all!