Sex Doll Awards: 7 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Sex products that were once considered taboo are now considered a good purchase, high-quality products, or a couple of dolls. Today, the real size of sex dolls look more like a real woman, whether it’s makeup, skin touch, or sex experience. How to find the right sexy dolls for you? First of all, you need to consider the size of the doll. Sex dolls vary in shape and size. You can buy a lifelike sex doll of the same size as a real human. This is the ideal choice for those seeking the most authentic sexual experience.

  1. Consider before buying

You will find that all of these sex dolls have been beautifully displayed and seem unbelievable. More importantly, the moment when sexual experience really feels very real. It may be difficult to find a good place to store and hide your dolls, if you want a more compact sex doll, you can buy about a 148cm TPE sex doll. Finally, before you decide to buy sexy dolls, you need to consider the realistic sex dolls price. If you have a good budget, you can buy high-end silicone dolls, or intelligent real dolls, or high-quality siliko doll. These expensive sex dolls have a more realistic look, every detail of the skin and vagina.

  1. Find no difference

When the light is off or the eyes are closed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and the real woman. In fact, the buy the best dolls that are already mobile, swinging their heads and eyes like real people, and built with real-life materials, often using high-end metal skeletons. For a custom high-end blonde sex doll, you might see more money. Of course, there is an advantage here. You will be fully in control and able to get what you want. With a real vagina, mouth, and anal cavity, you may prefer this adult blonde sex dolls.

  1. Pocket friendly

Of course, you can also get a more affordable sexy love doll, these cheap sex dolls can still feel very real. There are also a variety of different colors and styles. No matter what style of real size doll you need, we will provide you with the highest quality love dolls, realistic makeup, and skin guarantee to give you the most authentic sexual experience. You can completely customize your own lifelike sex dolls in our store.

  1. Custom-designed doll

If you have been thinking about buying real dolls, you may already have a specific idea of what you are looking for. For example, eye color, hair color, body shape, and size. If you know exactly what type of sexy sex doll you like, a fully custom-designed love doll may be your best choice. Because you will be able to get exactly every little detail you want. For most people, probably not! Most of the people enjoy seeing the reactions of a partner. If a person finds women attractive, he probably gets turned on when she gasps, or moans, or raises her hips to satisfy his.

  1. Necessities

Most people also want their sex partner to move. People don’t seem to urge much pleasure from sexual “starfish” — sex partners who just lie there and let the opposite person do all the work. A lot of individuals also want an emotional connection during sex. There is a stereotype in many societies that ladies want to “make love” and men just want to fuck, but it only takes one man who cries vulnerably after sex or clings to his partner in adoration after sex and proceeds to adore her for years so as to disprove that. And there are bunches of men like that, albeit they do not want to admit it to other dudes.

  1. After all this time

But albeit we discover a man who doesn’t really care either way that stuff, or who likes the lady to be completely still, or who doesn’t want emotional connection in the least, there’s still something missing from a doll i.e., lust and desire. During sex, people want to feel desired. Until the day when dolls have such incredible AI that they will convince us that they lust for us, dolls won’t provide that drug-like intoxication, and thus will bore people that want to be wanted.

  1. Better than women

And people that start thinking maybe skinny sex dolls are better than women are people that became wildly frustrated with a scarcity of being desired. The dolls won’t desire them, but a minimum of it won’t be a rejection. That does not make them better, but people that do not believe they’re resilient enough to handle rejection or pain or frustration in pursuit of wonderful things I assume the doll could be the selection they need the capacity to act on.


If this question supposes that dolls could be better than women because “bitches are crazy” there’s an easy solution: dump any woman who may be a jerk to you. That does take some energy, but if someone’s goal in life is to expend as little energy as possible, I do not really know what to mention.