Security Guard License Requirements

Security Guard License Ontario is the professional license that you need in order to work as a security guard in Toronto. Security Guard License Ontario comes from the Security Guard Training Act of Ontario, which aims to regulate security and guarding in the province. The licensing procedure is divided into two parts, namely Security Guard Education and Security Guard Licensing. Both these require completion and proof of education and experience, as per the specific requirements. For security guard licensing, there are some particular courses that you should study before applying.

The first one is the preliminary training, which aims to equip security guards with the basic knowledge about crime prevention and crime investigation. In this stage, you will learn how to identify criminals, how to interview them, how to arrest them, how to restrain them, and what to do in certain situations. Security Guard License Ontario also covers the psychological aspects of working as a security guard. This includes the ability to interact with clients and supervise their behaviour and how to keep them safe. These courses are usually given by organizations that specialize in security and law enforcement, and may last up to eight weeks.

Security Guard License Ontario also covers the tactical and weapons skills. Security Guard License Ontario aims to equip security guards with the latest weapons and equipment available to help them apprehend criminals. In Security Guard License Ontario, you can opt to take courses on the use of cameras and video surveillance equipment. You can also opt to take up courses in handcuffs and batons.

There are certain requisites that you must fulfill before getting your Security Guard License. Security Guard License Ontario requires you to have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. Security Guard License Ontario also requires security guards to undergo fingerprinting and criminal record checking. Security Guard License Ontario requires that you must be 18 years old, unless you are a juvenile. Security Guard License Ontario also requires that you must have experience working as a part of the police force, including three years of experience as an assistant to a constable in the Armed Forces or in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Security Guard License Ontario requires you to attend Security Guard Trains in order to obtain your license. Security Guard Training is divided into two main branches: field and classroom. The classroom training involves classroom lectures and textbook reading, while the field training involves working with actual security guards in a real life setting. Security Guard License Ontario allows people to work as security guards in both the private and government sectors. Security Guard License Ontario also allows people to work as professional security consultants.

Security Guard License Ontario also entitles security guards to carry their handguns. Security Guard License Ontario does not allow security guards to possess their personal firearms unless they are permitted by their employer to do so. Security guards are not allowed to possess weapons unless they have a license to do so. Security Guard License Ontario also restricts the number of hours that an individual can work with their weapon. On other occasions, Security Guard License Ontario stipulates that security guards are not permitted to possess their weapon at all.

Security Guard License Ontario security guards are required to undergo further training every year in order to renew their licenses. Security guard training may include specific courses on emergency procedures, weapon usage, surveillance, crisis deterrence, information technology and more. Security guards are required to undergo an eleven-hour training course in basic communication skills before they can legally exercise their profession.

All applicants need to pass Security Guard License Ontario, a written test, before they are granted a Security Guard License. Once security guard training is complete, the Security Guard License holder is able to apply for a Security Guard Certification which will provide proof that the individual has met all state and provincial security guard training requirements. After security guard certification, individuals can apply for additional Security Guard Licensees according to their requirements.