Remote control vibrators: when couple play gets hot

Everything you need to know about remote control vibrators: here’s how to use them as a couple even when you’re not in private.

The sex toys are available in different models, many, on the market. Diversification is first of all by gender, but not only. There are those for him, those for her, but also those to use in pairs. The latter category includes vibrators with remote control, which can be used to play special games with your partner or partner but they can also be used alone.

But what exactly is it about? The short answer is: they are vibrators that have a remote control. If you want to know the long answer, however, please read on.

Remote control vibrators: how do they work?

These sex toys are very simple to use. They are vibrant recreational objects for adults, equipped with remote control, which is usually not only used for switching on and off, but also for varying the modes or speeds of vibration available. Or to make “surprises”.

The fact that there is a remote control, for some models, means that they can be used in public. How you ask. Simple: they are small and can be inserted into the vulva, after which you can go to the cinema or have dinner, or just go for a walk. Your partner, to whom you have given the remote control, will be able to operate the vibrator from a distance, all with the utmost discretion.

In short, these sex toys are dedicated to those who want to experiment a little outside the bedroom too. Notwithstanding that they can lend themselves to even more “traditional” games, so to speak.

Vibrators with remote control: types

These sex toys are available in various models. There are the most classic phallic-shaped ones, with or without clitoral stimulation (like a rabbit), there are vibrating eggs or vibrating geisha balls.

Most of the models on the market combine eggs/geisha balls with simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. In short, there is something for all tastes, just do an online search to understand what could do better for us.

On Amazon, we are often driven by reviews, but on sex toys, they are often lacking, because buyers are not always happy to disclose what they have bought on the platform when it comes to something so intimate.

Vibrators with remote control: maintenance and care

A vibrator with remote control is a very special sex toy: you have to be careful about how to clean it because otherwise we risk ruining it. At the same time, however, cleaning is essential and must be deep, because otherwise, we risk bacteria and infections that are definitely not pleasant.

We must remember that each model of the vibrator with remote control comes with an instruction booklet: there you will also find how to maintain and clean your sex toy. However, the instructions may not be present in the package, or you may have found a product with instructions only in some foreign language that you do not know.

A good maintenance tip is never to strain your erotic device. As much as you like it, try to use it intelligently as you would use any other piece of technology. As for cleaning, one thing that never hurts is water and antibacterial neutral soap.

Vibrators are usually waterproof, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dry them thoroughly with a soft, non-scratching cloth.