Rejected PR Application In Singapore? Here’s What You Should Do

Technically, whether in any country like Singapore, a permanent residency (PR) rejection can feel disheartening. The application process is too daunting, and getting rejected can even be more discouraging. However, all is not lost! Fret no more, as there are steps to improve your chance of success and visa approval.

Here, you can explore the various things you can do when your PR application in Singapore has gotten rejected.


The first step in dealing with a Singapore PR rejection is to identify the grounds behind the refusal, as this will give you an idea of what needs improvement for your next application. The rejection letter from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will provide some guidance on this.


If you plan to apply for another PR in Singapore, consider reviewing your application first. Examine areas where you could have provided more information or evidence to support your case. If it helps, consider seeking the help of a professional to review your application and provide advice on how to improve it.


One way to deal with a rejected PR application in Singapore is to reapply after the stipulated period provided by the ICA. The chances you may get a refusal from ICA may be due to a lack of sufficient ties between the state and government. Use this time to build up your connections with the citizens and states across the country, such as volunteering, starting a business, or buying property.


If your PR application in Singapore got rejected due to a lack of documentation or insufficient evidence, provide additional documentation to support your case. Be it financial statements, employment contracts, educational certificates, or testimonials from employers or colleagues.


If you are struggling to understand why you received a PR application in Singapore from ICA, do these three steps! Contact a professional, get their services and help, and ask how to improve your visa application. Immigration lawyers or consultants can provide valuable advice and assistance to navigate the PR application process. Always remember the golden rule: There is no shame in seeking the help of others.

Rejection, in general, can be discouraging, but it is significant to remember that it is not the end of the road. With these five tips and tricks, you can absolutely send your PR application to Singapore and get guaranteed access in no time.

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