Reasons Why Sex Doll Sales Boom In 2020  

All the businesses have been affected all across the country in this pandemic era. 2020 has brought a big change in each and every sector. People are now buying essentials online mainly. Apart from the essential, there is one particular item in post-COVID-19 lockdown people are excessively buying that is sex dolls available online. The rate of buying 6ye doll has been increased so far. 2020 has reportedly seen demand for 6ye doll. Buyers range from single men- the orders have increased by 51.6% over the months February and March – to couples who bought 33.2% more year-on-year in the month of April.

As per research

As per recent study sales of sex toys have seen a massive surge online in 2020. The sex toy market has seen a spike of 65% in 2020. As per studies over 22 million visitors who purchased 3,35,000 products online. Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu recorded the highest number of sales. Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi are ranked the top three cities when it comes to the sale of sex toys. Towns like Vijayawada, Jamshedpur, Belagavi, and Vadodara have more female buyers than males.

Technology at its best

Some models that use technology and are now looking to push boundaries even further. The adult firm now plans to launch an ultra-realistic range with the heartbeat and breathe to an extra cozy environment. The sex doll industry is going through a revolution in 2020 with the bbw doll and tpe sex dolls.

Bad time converted into bedtime

2020 is a year when the bad time has been converted into bedtime. A couple as well as singles has started focusing on their personal needs as well as physical needs. This year has led to a huge spike in sex doll sales. Sex doll sales since the lockdowns came into effect that more and more partners and couples are trying dolls for themselves and each other. In this new trend a husband buying a female 6ye doll alongside his wife for him. Partners are buying dolls together even one for each other.

A general increase in women buying male dolls for themselves and also companies are getting a lot of requests for some custom-made heads like someone is requesting for ahead of the doll to be of Hillary Clinton, they want to have sex with a Hillary Clinton sex doll. Some of them ask for some different variations. Imagine that you can get a sex doll with ahead of anything you wanted that is crazy.

The demand for sex dolls has surged

Tpe sex doll sale has touched the roof in 2020. As the demand is arising, the price is increasing accordingly. People who are single, they are not only buying it but also married people are buying this too.

Why this demand is increasing?

There must be some strong reasons behind this sudden increasement. At a first glance, people may think that lockdown is the only reason behind this change. As we all know sex is part of our and due to this situation, all are free from work, people are not that much involved with work, so maybe this leisure time is pushing them towards it. That is pretty much fine and quite acceptable. Still there a question is popping out and that is why married people are also into this matter! What is making them bound to do his! This is quite hard to know. The reason could be any.

This situation has made people go back to their home, they are totally locked indoor and staying with their partners and spending the entire day with each other after a long, which is a big change they are facing each day. May be every couple is not being able to cope up with this new normal and that is why this is all happening. Partners are fighting; even the divorce rate has been increased. As a consequence, we can see that to calm themselves they are using this kind of sex doll.

On the other part, if it is about the people who are still single, they are buying tpe sex dolls just because some of them found it a safe way to make himself or themselves satisfied without any tantrums. Due to lack of work they are more focusing on this and partially making themselves happy.


Masturbation is far healthy, safe and it is quite natural. There is nothing to be ashamed of anything. It is far better than harming another person. It is better to keep a bbw dolls rather than raping a girl or a boy. If you are don`t want to get into an emotions sex doll will be a perfect choice for you and if you are happy with your soulmate or with your partner then be happy with each other, be cooperative with each other be it physically or mentally.