Reasons why Pre-Owned Japanese Cars are a Hit the World Over

Japan has consistently outranked other nations as a land with the best quality technological expertise. This is perhaps why it the Japanese lead the race in high octane four wheelers that deliver amazing value for every dollar. It is no wonder Japan is one of the top 3 countries with the highest number of cars manufactured since 1960.

Some of Japan’s famous car brands are Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, among others. These car brands are one of the leading companies responsible for dominating the car industry with many models that are affordable for middle-class families.

The main objective of the Japanese buying a car is to enjoy the utilities and the advancements of the automotive industry. They are also keen on driving cars with the latest advanced technology which would suit their standards.

Cars made in Japan are better than cars manufactured in western countries

When Japan got into the automotive industry, the cars manufactured by them were a laughing stock. This was because the main competitors were American and European car companies.

This too changed when Japan started manufacturing cars that were more reliable compared to their competitors. Japanese car manufacturers increased their quality standards, which resulted in Japan creating more reliable cars.

The cars imported from Japan are more reliable and safer than the cars manufactured in other countries. This is one of the main reasons that the sales of used cars in Japan are more.

Testing regulations

The owners of the cars registered in Japan have to undergo strict car testing regulations. Automobiles with an engine size of more than 250cc have to perform vehicle inspection (shaken) mandatorily. This is done to make sure that their cars running on the roads are safe, in proper condition, and will not harm the environment and the driver.

The test is carried out at an authorized garage, and the owner must make an appointment in advance. This test is first conducted three years after the automobile is purchased. Once the inspection certificate expires, the owner must acquire an inspection certificate. Only with this certificate, the owner can use the car. After two years again, the same procedure is carried out to get the certificate. This is also a costly process.

Exchange offers are extraordinary

The car manufacturers offer people great offers to exchange their old cars for new cars. Since people can afford to buy new cars from time to time, this also becomes the main reason many owners sell their cars.

The people also get to try out the new advanced features of the automobile and get reasonable prices for their old cars. This helps them fulfil their dream of having the most sophisticated automobiles from the market.

To summarize

After selling their cars at reasonable exchange prices, the Japanese tend to buy new vehicles for themselves. Their used cars are then sold at a 30-40% low price. Since the cars are also sold at low prices, the vehicles are not fuel-efficient and are also high maintenance. The cars made are also very reliable and unbeatable, so everyone prefers the four-wheelers even if they are pre-owned.