Rakhi, an Indian festival, Facts To Know


It is a well-known Hindu festival that’s extremely popular throughout the regions of SE Asia. It stands for the link of affection among brothers and sisters. It is indeed a sign of boys’ commitment to safeguarding their sisters throughout their lives. Surprisingly, the Rakhi celebration has important old origins. Here is several undisclosed information you would really be anxious to learn regarding Raksha Bandhan. Some people call this festival rakhi Purnima while some know it by the name of rakhi and in some regions, it is referred to as rakhri. The most common greeting is Raksha Bandhan. This is observed everywhere around the nation. Rakhi is recognized in India as well as in many other countries such as Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, etc. Several religions have noticed it as well. In India, as well as worldwide it is mostly celebrated by Hinduism and Jains. Various religious groups are also involved in organizing the event. Various Muslim women also tie rakhi on this festival on their brother’s arms which shows that this festival is not a festival of only one religion.

How this festival has changed in recent years

It’s a gift-exchanging celebration. Sisters are given many gifts by their brother when they tie the know of rakhi on their brother’s wrist. In current times, brothers who do not live in India with their sisters always send gifts to usa, Canada, etc, and those who live in India but their sisters reside outside the country, send gifts from India to USA and other countries wherever their sisters residing. The sisters do the same thing as well they also celebrate online rakhi and celebrate all the rituals of this festival online by shopping rakhis online through various online rakhi stores and sending their brother rakhis online to other countries. This is considered a ceremony of this festival that a brother should offer a present to the sister. Sister accepts her brother’s assurance that her brother will always protect her and this is referred to as one of the most crucial reasons behind this festival. Lord Krishna was said to have been wounded his wrist during swinging a kite. Rakhi purchasing is considered as one of the things that keep everybody happy on these days even before the festival itself Every person, adults, and kids can be witnessed participating in the Raksha Bandhan festivities by buying rakhis. Shops are observed to be loaded from all these items and everyone is busy doing the greatest Rakhi buying, be it Raksha Bandhan thread, Rakhi presents, Raksha Bandhan goodies, or outfits to wear mostly on festival day. And that is why we refer to rakhi as India’s most significant, joyful, and thrilling celebrations.

The entire backstory behind this Indian festival.

Draupadi ripped a layer of material of her attire and tied it around Lord Krishna’s wrist right away. In exchange, Lord Krishna pledged to safeguard Draupadi in whatever circumstance. After that when the cheer Haran incident took place it was Lord Krishna who protected Draupadi.