Quick Review: Top 5 Learning Apps for School Students in India

Learning apps are all the rage currently, especially due to the after-effects of the pandemic that lead to a nation-wide lockdown. Education at all levels is a crucial requirement and the remote eLearning technology is ensuring that it continues even when everything else halts. With a smartphone device or a desktop and an internet connection, students can now avail the best of learning material from the best of teachers at unbelievably affordable pricing. 

Here is a quick review of the top 5 eLearning apps in India for school students. Choose what suits you the best!

Learnflix by S. Chand Group

  1. Chand is not a new name for the students, teachers and parents in India. They’ve been one of the most successful players in Indian education and have demonstrated strong academic prowess in different school subjects through numerous published textbooks. 

Now, they are taking the online education game to the next level with their personalized eLearning app- Learnflix. Learnflix is a high-end eLearning app for Mathematics & Science for students of classes 6th-10th. They can study anytime and anywhere at their own comfort. And, here is what makes this app a big hit amongst the toppers;

  • Spiral Learning Pedagogy (Ensures that all the topics & concepts are well-learned, revised, practised & assessed)
  • Contains 28000+ Videos, quizzes, mock tests, eBooks, revision notes and a lot more
  • Most affordable personalized eLearning app in India- Yearly subscription ranges from INR 1,999 (for classes 6th-8th) to INR 2,499 (for classes 9th & 10th) only.
  • In-depth personalized feedback & analytics enable students to judge their own performance and keep improving until the concept is perfectly cemented in their minds.

You can download Learnflix now and see the value it adds for students looking to improve their academic performance.   


Meritnation is an eLearning app made specifically to cater to the needs of students in 6th-12th standards under CBSE and ICSE boards. With Meritnation, students get access to full study material, complete homework help, exam preparation help along with mock papers and previous year papers. The app also supports live streaming wherein the students can learn via live online lectures. Though, a little downside of the app is its higher pricing.


Vedantu has garnered massive popularity amongst the school students in the country. The online platform’s model is quite interesting as well. Vedantu provides live online classes in almost all the school subjects- from 6th standard to all the way up to JEE & NEET preparation. The faculty is handpicked by Vedantu and is highly effective in teaching their subject matter. However, there is a catch! If a student has any doubt, they need to purchase one of their relevant course packages, which are amongst the priciest deals out there.

Byjus’s- The Learning App

Featuring a star face from Bollywood as their brand ambassador, Byju’s has managed to become a household name in the country. Started as an online coaching class by Byju Raveendran, the app now boasts millions of users in the country. Its USPs include high-end visual learning through engaging videos and in-built comprehensive practice tests. The trainers in the video are handpicked by the Byju’s team and do their job pretty well. Though, many students and parents have raised flags about the app’s out-of-budget course pricing.


This is one of the few eLearning apps in India which covers curriculum from KG to 12th standard. The app is founded by Mr Harish Kumar whose vision is to make it a replacement for tuitions in India. The pedagogy of the app and sequence of concepts are designed to enable faster learning by the students at their own pace and comfort. UnfoldU app also conducts weekly ULive tests for students to keep a check on their performance!   

List out your study requirements and choose the app that suits you the best. If you are looking specifically to master Maths & Science, Learnflix will be your best topper buddy for this and upcoming academic years. Good luck!