Purposes of Glock Trigger Upgrades

When you have an existing Glock, it’s worth considering the advantages of upgrading your trigger. Upgraded triggers can improve accuracy, increase trigger pull weight, improve feel, and improve durability. 

Increase trigger pull weight

Most people who carry a Glock 43 for concealed carry will not need a gun with a heavy trigger pull. A two-pound trigger is dangerous and ineffective for self-defense. Moreover, more light triggers are sensitive than a five-pound trigger. If someone bumps the gun, it may activate a hazardous situation. To avoid these complications, consider installing a weapon with a 4-5 pound trigger pull. It will ensure that you can shoot accurately without sacrificing accuracy.

Glock trigger upgrades will increase the trigger weight by approximately one pound. In addition, it will allow recruits to receive pistols with a more comfortable trigger pull. The update will also enable current police officers to purchase easier-to-shoot firearms. However, it is essential to note that triggers should be properly repaired, as modifications can lead to gun malfunction.

Glock trigger improvements come in two different categories. The former is more ergonomically sound and has the proper tolerances for shooting competitions. However, the latter has the advantage of being cheaper for budget shooters. Moreover, it has the added benefit of improving trigger pull weight and reducing the pre-travel by 20%. Continue reading to discover more about the numerous advantages of trigger enhancements. You might be shocked by what a change can accomplish.

Improve accuracy

The trigger of your Glock pistol can significantly affect accuracy and consistency. If the trigger has enough creep, it can be easier to predict when to break. It can result in a missed shot. It can also cause you to anticipate the recoil and pull your Glock to the side. Apart from the trigger, other factors can affect accuracy, some of which are within your control and some external.

Consider looking into a trigger improvement if you want to make your Glock 43 handgun function better. There are several types of upgrades that you can choose. The Apex Trigger is affordable if you upgrade your pistol for duty. In addition, the Apex trigger will change the dynamics of your trigger pull and make the gun more accurate and reliable.

If you want an upgrade to improve accuracy, you should go for a high-quality trigger. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger is a high-quality trigger that offers smooth uptake, break, and reset. It also comes with set screws instead of the stock set pins, enabling you to field strip your gun. This trigger upgrade is also quite affordable and won’t void the warranty.

Improve feel

Aftermarket triggers are a popular way to improve the feel of your Glock. The stock Glock trigger has a gritty, uneven feel. The parts rub against each other and create varying levels of resistance. As a result, many complain that they can feel a “wall of tension” when pulling the trigger. These issues have spurred the growth of aftermarket triggers.

Trigger updates are designed to make the trigger feel better and increase the gun’s durability. They can result in a lighter trigger pull, longer life, and less creep. They also make the inner trigger safety more comfortable for extended-range sessions and reduce the risk of hot spots on your trigger finger. However, triggers are only one component that can be upgraded.

The trigger is the essential component of a gun. Shooters think about it at every step of the firing sequence, from drawing the gun to pulling the trigger. And the trigger is crucial in ensuring the correct squeeze when firing. Other upgrades that shooters consider are backplates, magazine extensions, and colorful magazine releases.