Preparing for Storm Season

Anyone who has ever been affected by a tropical storm or hurricane knows that the better prepared you are, the easier it is to recover. Before storm season rolls around this year, check your supplies so that you can get back on your feet again as quickly as possible.

Window Coverings

There are all sorts of storm window coverings available to protect you from having to get broken glass repair Houston TX. The most inexpensive is pieces of plywood cut to fit each frame. The downside of this is that covering windows is time-consuming and often must be done before you even know if the storm will hit your area. More expensive storm window coverings include fortified canvas coverings that attach to the frames by premounted brackets and permanently attached louvers that can be shut tightly against the wind by auto glass repair north shore il.


You don’t need a whole-house generator to survive the aftermath of a big storm. A generator that will cool down one room and keep your refrigerator operational is often enough until power can be restored. If you choose a gas-powered generator, be sure to replace your supply of gasoline before storm season to keep it fresh.


Often during a big storm, the city water system gets compromised. Many people keep a flat of water bottles to drink but forget about needing to flush toilets. Toilet tanks take anywhere from 1.5-7 gallons to flush. Before a storm, fill up buckets of water and the bathtub to use for this most important appliance. If your bathtub is leaky, buy a tub liner specially designed for hurricane use.

Clean-Up Equipment

If a storm passes over your area, you’ll probably have some cleaning up to do afterward. Make sure you keep a stock of rubber gloves, disinfectant, paper towels and trash bags.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are a reality for many people. Your best defense is being prepared.