Plan Ahead for a Great Road Trip

Road trips are a classic vacation activity for a reason. They’re an affordable way to see lots of places, they offer more flexibility than flying, and they can give you and your travel companions quality time together in the car. A little preparation can help ensure that this time spent together is more enjoyable than exasperating. Here are some tips to make your next road trip the best one yet.

Prep Your Car

While you can’t prevent all mishaps, you do want to set out on your trip with your car in tip-top condition. Clean everything out of the car that doesn’t belong. Make sure you get an oil change and check all of your other fluid levels. If you’ve had nagging issues that you haven’t tended to, take your car in for auto repair Apopka FL before you hit the road.

Gather Your Snacks

Especially if you’re traveling with kids, snacks are a must-have. The novelty of fun snacks can stave off boredom, and frequent noshing can prevent hunger-induced meltdowns. You might want to pack a few favorite healthy snacks, but don’t be afraid to take some special treats. Choose a variety of sweet (candy, trail mix) and savory (meat sticks, corn nuts) to satisfy any craving. Stopping at convenience stores along the way is another fun way to add to your snack arsenal, so be sure to build in time for pit stops.

Plan Your Route

One benefit of a road trip is the ability to spontaneously follow an intriguing sign to the world’s largest picnic basket or a house made from beer cans. If you don’t have a sense of where you’re heading, though, you may do a lot of aimless wandering before you find something worth seeing. Choose a general direction and a maximum distance, then let everyone do some research and choose something they’d like to visit. Let spontaneity guide you between stops.

With a little preparation, you can be ready for an epic road trip in no time. Pick an area you’d like to explore, then embark on your adventure.