People, Packaging and Personality: Everything You Need To Build Your Brand

Being your own boss is the pinnacle of the American Dream, but establishing a successful business is no small feat. In a market crowded with competitors, you have to brand yourself to stand above the fray. If you’re looking to launch a standout business, here’s how to begin in three easy steps:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

The first step in launching a marketing campaign is to figure out who you’re marketing to. Think about who is most likely to buy your product or services as this will determine the direction of your marketing campaign. For example, you wouldn’t advertise VR goggles the same way you would a flip phone, one is high tech and typically geared towards a younger crowd, the other is something your grandmother might buy for its simplicity.

  1. Establish Your Image

Your image encapsulates your entire brand identity and includes everything from logos to taglines and packaging. If you were walking down the street and heard the phrase “I’m lovin’ it” you would probably immediately think of a certain fast-food restaurant. Even your packaging can build this kind of brand recognition, like an iconic iPhone box. Investing in custom packaging supplies Minneapolis not only makes you stand out but delivering consistency in your image establishes trust with your customers.

  1. Define Your Personality

Yes, companies have personalities that impact the way consumers view them. Just think of the way companies interact with consumers on social media for example. Some businesses take a super casual, almost comical approach to their media relations. Other companies prefer to keep it friendly, but more formal. Your personality should fit naturally with your brand identity. To illustrate, a lawyer’s office would likely take a serious, formal approach towards customers. While a toy company would benefit from a more playful personality.

Building a business is hard work, building a brand is even harder still. Your business is what you do, your brand is who you are and that’s what keeps loyal customers.

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Infographic provided by Ansafone, an inbound call center services company