Online Stores and the best Tracksuits for women

Certain fabrics, cuts and details are preferred over others when shopping for jogging clothes. Discover all the subtleties of running clothing!

Fabrics to be Used

Whatever clothing you wear, choose a synthetic fabric that helps wick away sweat while remaining relatively dry.

Stay away from cotton, which retains moisture and dries less quickly. There is also a natural material, merino wool, which shares the properties of synthetic materials and which, contrary to popular belief, can be worn year round! Summer and winter, it allows sweat or heat to escape, it regulates body temperature and it is antibacterial and anti-odor. Choosing the cheap clothes online store is essential in this case.

Depending on the season and the temperature, it may be necessary to dress in several layers. In summer usually only one is needed, while two can be comfortable in shoulder season. Generally speaking, after 10 to 15 minutes of running, the feeling is 10 degrees higher than it really is outside. So except in the dead of winter of course, over-dressing can be a problem, much more likely than the opposite. This is why layers are important in helping to adjust.

  • The first layer of clothing is like a second skin. It should allow the body to breathe while keeping it as dry as possible.
  • The second layer is intended to insulate the runner and protect him against temperature variations. It should regulate body temperature.
  • The third layer, reserved for winter, protects it against the elements. These garments can be waterproof, water repellent and “breathable”, while protecting the runner from the cold. They will be more or less insulating, depending on the season.

In the category of highly specialized textiles, the company Under Armor has a line of clothing called UA Rush, which promises to increase endurance and performance. The tissues are infused with mineral particles (imperceptible when worn) which absorb the energy generated by the body and then redistribute it to muscles and tissues. When we tested them, it seemed that our “second wind” was a bit more dynamic than usual, especially after 45-50 minutes of racing. One thing is certain, the clothes are very well cut and comfortable, if you are looking to master all the little details that can make a difference, don’t hesitate to get them. Using the womens tracksuits is most essential here.

Using the Undergarments

They are often overlooked, but they are of great importance to seasoned runners. On the market you find training underwear for men and women with flat seams, mesh or ventilation inserts. Some even offer antimicrobial fabrics.

The sports bra should be the piece to go for when it comes to investment. If your chest is poorly supported, the run will not be at all pleasant. With or without seams, with or without underwire, wide straps, crossed or in the back, extreme or light support. The options are numerous, so you will be able to find exactly what is right for you. In the dressing room, jump in place to see if your chest stays in place. And ask for advice!