Moving To Lakewood Ranch, FL — Understanding The Pros and Cons


Although Lakewood Ranch is one of the best places to relocate to, not every city or town is made for every type of person. Before you move, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this charming community. Lakewood Ranch is known for its schools, beautiful neighborhoods, gorgeous homes, and recreational activities. 

For years now, homes for sale in Lakewood Ranch have been a popular choice of residence for singles, couples, families, retirees, and professionals alike. However, like any other place, it is not without some disadvantages. Read this blog to find out what they are so you can make an informed decision. 

Pros of moving to Lakewood Ranch, FL

Here are the things you will love about living in Lakewood Ranch. 

  • Beautiful and Serene Surroundings

The biggest pros of living in Lakewood Ranch are witnessing its beautiful and serene surroundings with tranquil lakes, lush green parks, and attractive landscapes. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, including Siesta Beach and Bradenton Beach, are just a few miles away. With so much beauty, there is always something new and cool to explore.

  • Medical facilities

Lakewood Ranch offers some of the best medical care facilities in the area. Be confident about getting the world’s top healthcare facilities and medical care whenever needed. 

  • Outdoor activities

Lakewood Ranch is undoubtedly a paradise for people who love to spend time outdoors. With so many options, including golf courses, biking trails, and community events, it is a perfect place for people with active lifestyles. 

There are also several parks and playgrounds for the residents to breathe fresh air and enjoy. Whether you love to take an easy walk down the streets or want a thrill-packed hiking experience, Lakewood Ranch has something for everyone.

  • Strong sense of community

Lakewood Ranch is known for its strong sense of community. The residents have a strong community spirit, which makes it easier to make new friends and establish meaningful connections. The community itself is planned and designed to foster a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle with easy access to essential services and amenities.

Pros of moving to Lakewood Ranch, FL

Cons of moving to Lakewood Ranch, FL

On the contrary, there are also a few things that you might not like about Lakewood Ranch. 

  • Hot and humid climate

The weather in Lakewood Ranch is hot and humid throughout the year. Prepare yourself for long stretches of hot weather if you are thinking of moving to Lakewood Ranch. Also, in the fall and summer seasons, the Gulf Coast of Florida is susceptible to storms. 

Therefore, if you prefer milder weather conditions, Lakewood Ranch might not be the perfect place to build your new house. 

  • Cost of living

Although Florida is a tax-friendly state, the cost of living in Lakewood Ranch is comparatively higher than that of other areas in the state, especially when it comes to property taxes and housing prices. 

  • Traffic

The public of Lakewood Ranch mainly relies on private transport as public transport is limited here. Since the community is growing rapidly, traffic congestion is also growing. Therefore, if you are frequently driving in that area, you need to plan accordingly. Peak traffic is seen during tourist season, which is from December to April. 

  • Limited job opportunities

With the growth of the local economy, people may find it difficult to find new job opportunities in Lakewood Ranch and need to consider commuting to nearby areas to find the perfect fit. Therefore, if you are considering moving in for job purposes, Lakewood Ranch may not be your perfect destination.

  • Bugs and wildlife

Florida’s warm climate makes Lakewood Ranch a haven for wildlife. During your visit, you can encounter a number of insects, such as mosquitoes, especially during the humid summer months. Make sure you have an insect repellent to keep them at bay. Alligators are also common in Florida’s wetlands and some ponds in Lakewood Ranch.