Most expensive city for monthly bill payments

The annual report of bill payments of doxosight for the year 2020 is out, and still, Miami holds the title of the most expensive city amongst the 25 major cities in the USA. doxosight analyzed its bill bundle details from its customer and then analyzed the records.

doxosight found out that amongst the bill payments in 25 major metro areas, Miami is one that holds the title of the most expensive city.

The report also analyzed that the bill payment of every household has increased by 6% in 2020 if compared with 2019 on average. In 2019, the average bill bundle for every household was $859, whereas, in 2020, the average monthly bill spends $914.

About Miami

Miami, the southern city of Florida, and is home to 6.1 million people. It is also the financial capital of Florida. Miami is the second-largest city of Florida, the first in Jacksonville. It is famous for commerce, finance, arts, cultures, as well as trade. Miami is also a tourism hub for international travelers. It is ranked at No. 2 for tourism, just after New York City.

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Miami also consists of one of the largest numbers of international banks globally. Also, it is also known as the Cruise Capital globally.

Almost 80% of the people of Miami went to high school, and more than 27% have got a bachelor’s degree or higher. It also should be noted that around 22.2% of families, as well as 22.3% population, live below the poverty level.

The Breaking Up of doxosight Analysis

As per what doxoINSIGHTS analyzed, it turns out that every household spends an average of $914 on the bill bundle. The bill bundle consists of auto insurance, auto loan, electricity, gas, water, waste, life insurance, health insurance, internet, phone, cable, alarm and security, mobile phone, and dental insurance. The bill bundle doesn’t include any kind of property rent.

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