Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them


Technology has played a vital role in many people’s lives throughout the changing times. In our world today, mobile devices are one of the many technological results that have become part of people’s daily lives. Its use ranges from business, social media, location navigation, dating, games, etc.

The growing capabilities of smart devices mean more applications for smartphones. This is unlike the call and text era we experienced two decades ago. Today, possibilities are endless.

But together with its rapid growth is the immediate threat to the security of applications in digital devices. From 2017 to 2018, the usage of mobile account takeovers increased by 78.6 percent. Kaspersky discovered an estimate of 360,000 malicious files per day in 2020, with many of them targeting mobile devices. That same year, a series of SIM-swapping intrusions on high-profile victims in the US resulted in a cryptocurrency loss of more than USD100 million.

Mobile Security Threats

As technology advances, it is also better to know about the threats that are out there to prevent them from happening to you.

  • Phishing Attacks are digital messages in the form of emails and SMS that redirect a user to documents that need their usernames, passwords, and other vital information to access their digital accounts.
  • Mobile Account Takeover – fraudsters use your account credentials obtained through the credential stuffing, manipulation, or phishing. They use the user’s number to receive text messages used in two-factor authentication and are taken over.

 How Prevent Poor Phone Security?

Mobile users are encouraged to use their phone’s security features like facial and fingerprint recognition, eKYC portal, and FIDO2 or Fast Identity Onlineprotocols. FIDO2 authentication’s goal is to eliminate the weaknesses that password use creates. Passwordless authentication, as many knows, needs no usernames and passwords for more unique, secure, and private transactions.

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