Metal Shelving in Various Strengths

Commercial spaces may choose from a variety of heavy-duty metal shelving options, including both built-in shelving and freestanding models. Heavy-duty Storage Racks Malaysia comes in a wide range of sizes and designs to accommodate any number of goods and any inventory management system. Heavy-strength shelving choices are available at the company. We have both brand-new and previously-owned machines in our extensive assortment. We also sell complementary items and spare components for your storage and shelving systems’ upkeep. Among the many varieties of shelves that we offer are:

  • Metal warehouse racks

There are several uses for industrial shelf systems. They are often seen in warehouses as large-scale shelves and are a great choice for storing heavy equipment like garden gear in a garage. We have a wide selection of industrial shelving to meet your specific requirements. Our five-shelf 200A storage containers are constructed with commercial-grade steel, making them ideal for storing big objects. Assembling these boltless shelves does not need the use of any fasteners. Shelving may be adjusted in half-inch increments, allowing you to store a wide variety of items in a small footprint. The front and bottom beams of these storage containers are reinforced with double rivets, making them very sturdy and reliable.

  • Shelving made with sturdy metal wire

One of the most adaptable metal storage solutions, heavy-duty wire frame shelving is a common sight in distribution facilities, retail stores, and other commercial settings. The wire holes allow for a constant flow of air, which is great for preserving perishables like food and drinks, as well as gadgets. You may also buy wire shelves in several different finishes, making them suitable for places like freezer rooms. Our professional-quality 4-shelf wire shelving is ideal for use in industrial or commercial settings. The design enhances ventilation, which safeguards items from dangerous dust accumulation. The wire shelves are adjustable in increments of an inch, and each shelf can hold up to three hundred pounds.

  • Shelving in Masses

Warehouses and distribution hubs often make use of bulk shelving to store large quantities of items. Bulk shelves are a more affordable alternative to pallet racking systems, despite their inability to store as much material. They are very sturdy and long-lasting due to their welded frames and beams. Shelves made of particleboard. or wire decking is used for storage areas with a lot of bulky items. Large facilities that deal with non-palletized materials, such as electronic components, might save money by installing bulk shelving. In most cases, configuring it requires no special skills or equipment. Products may be reached without the use of forklifts from bulk shelves since they are intended for use in manual storage areas.

  • Rolling metal racks

Large buildings and warehouses with cold storage rooms might benefit from mobile shelving. Mobile units not only provide convenient storage alternatives but may also be utilized to move items from one location to another inside the same structure. Because of its corrosion resistance, many mobile carts may be kept in cold storage facilities or warehouses for extended periods. We have a wide variety of movable Racks Manufacturer Malaysia units suitable for use in a variety of markets. On five-inch rotating locking casters, our chrome cable shelving is both mobile and stable. The assembly process takes just a few minutes and requires no unique hardware. The 600 lb. capacity per unit is split between four shelves that may be adjusted as needed.