Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Tips for Decorating Your Sunroom  


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, a well-decorated sunroom is the place of dreams which combines the richness of beautiful outdoor views and warm natural light with cozy interior comfort. A solarium can become the favorite room in your house and turn into a very inviting place when furnished appropriately.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow for decorating your sunroom:

  1. Greenhouse sunroom – If you love gardening or just enjoy greenery, you may transform your sunroom into a greenhouse. Add your favorite potted indoor plants along with other large and small, colorful plants to transform the place into a mini jungle where you can come to relax. Add a potting bench or gardening table of suitable height with all the necessary gardening tools and you can do all your gardening work in your sunroom without stepping a foot outside your house. Aside from houseplants, you can add a hammock with plush pillows, a few chairs, and a coffee table to complete the getaway vacation feel.
  2. Cozy living space – With all the natural light coming in from the outside, you can turn your sunroom into a living space by adding a few leather chairs, a comfy sofa, and a coffee table. Add a few colorful upholstered cushions, pillows, and area rugs with matching patterns and hues to make the room more inviting and colorful.

Perhaps you may add a charming statement table to flaunt your style statement and a plush rug to add eclectic beauty to the room. And, to make things complete, you can add a stone hearth to make it perfect even for a winter night.

  1. Breakfast booth, dining, or drink station – If your sunroom occupies a large area, you may want to turn a portion of it into a breakfast booth or dining space. You simply need to add a classic table and chair set or maybe a tulip table or even a wishbone-style dining chair to create the perfect ambiance. Add a few other items such as a three-tiered drink cart filled with savory drinks, and you can use it as a drink station too.
  2. Entertainment zone – If your sunroom is adequately protected from intense weather conditions, you can easily turn it into an entertainment zone by adding electronic items such as TVs, gaming consoles, lamps, stereos, and more. Or if you prefer reading to playing games with your friends, you can turn the space into a mini library. A sunroom allows ample light inside into your house and compliments it with soothing views of the outside. Thus, it’s the perfect spot for a home library.

Thus, your sunroom can become a common place to hang out with your friends and family members or you can use the room to entertain your guests.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that there are a lot of opportunities to add a touch of your personality into your sunroom. Decorate the area with accent furniture, exotic artworks, rustic frames and wardrobes, and a comfy sofa with colorful pillows and cushions, or turn it into a guest space. The possibilities are endless.