Malaga’s Christmas: A whole lot of things to do and see

Another year is almost over, and it is just this season of festivity, tranquility and familiarity that we all need to close a cycle in the best possible way.

And it is that although the covid pandemic has regressed a lot in terms of impact, the truth is that it is still quite far from over. However, it must be emphasized that in 2021 health measures and progress in vaccination of the general population predominated, which has allowed a strong and deserved boost to economic sectors, especially after the numbers in red that 2020 left behind.

And it is that although 2021 has allowed the different economic sectors to recover, the truth is that even now the festivities will be framed by health measures that at this point have already become a standard for any type of event to which they intend to attend. And that is precisely why it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas and leave the bitter drink of the pandemic behind for at least a month!

Christmas is happening in Malaga!

Already with certain freedoms granted with respect to sanitary measures (especially if we compare them with the situation of December last year) it can be said that this year Christmas is much further from being canceled.

This year the light and music shows returned to the city, so it is not difficult to see the tight schedule of events of all kinds that will take place throughout the city; from concerts, to guided tours, lighting of lights, puppet workshops and many more activities that even extend until the first days of next year.

Malaga has also been a pioneer throughout the Spanish territory in terms of advances in terms of virtual assistance to its events, and this year those advances will not be forgotten; For the public events of lights, and even for some of the tours of important places in the city, streaming options and virtual tours will be enabled so that visitors do not miss the experiences of the city even from within their homes.

Although Malaga is a city quite used to receiving visitors from all over the world, the truth is that sanitary measures continue to affect the number of passengers per unit, so public transport may be affected in terms of its effectiveness.

Visitors who prefer more direct means of transport can use the Malaga to Marbella transfer services so they can visit both of the cities without having to worry about parking or public transport frequency.