Maintaining Your Car’s Transmission

One of the most important strategies for making the most of your investment in a vehicle is timely maintenance. Waiting for a mechanical failure just gives problems a chance to get bigger, leading to collateral wear and tear on the parts adjacent to the one that’s wearing out. With a combination of vigilance and adherence to the manufacturer’s recommended fleet maintenance software schedule, you can lengthen the life of your car, which makes it more valuable when the time comes to sell it and move up, too. Transmission maintenance is an important but often-overlooked step in this process because your transmission is both vital to the car’s function and expensive to repair if it breaks down completely.

Flushes and Fluid Changes

If you drive an automatic, your owner’s manual has a recommended maintenance timeline for the fluid used to drive the automatic’s hydraulic functions. Typically, manufacturers recommend a couple rounds of fluid changes with a full flush and clean about every third or fourth change. Like any other fluid change, these processes keep the fluid in the right range for the manufacturer’s predicted viscosity while cleaning out any accumulated dirt or debris. In a closed system like your transmission, there shouldn’t be any, but sometimes contaminants do pop up. You can schedule these changes at the same garage you’d trust for full transmission repair San Jacinto CA.

Repair and Maintenance for Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions are lower maintenance in general, but they do have parts that wear. Clutch replacements and gearbox rebuilds are rare, but they are necessary when a car has been driven hard or when it’s just accumulated a high mileage. Inspecting your clutch and manual transmission regularly is a necessity for any driver keeping an older manual transmission vehicle on the road, and pre-emptive clutch repair often keeps you from needing a more complex transmission rebuild. Of course, you could always schedule a replacement just to get an upgraded transmission performance. Your local San Jacinto transmission shop can do performance part installments just as easily as they do repairs.