Love spells and spells are used in black and white magic very often

The reasons for turning to magical rituals may be different, but they have the same goal – to attract the attention of a loved one. Words spoken in the right order and at the right time have tremendous power. But in order to use them in rituals, you should understand in more detail what love magic is.

Conspiracies and love spells

Magicians and sorcerers claim that spells and love spells, made independently at home, will not bring a negative energy charge, provided they are performed correctly. Each rite has its own conditions, the observance of which is mandatory. But there are several general rules that apply to any magical rituals aimed at love and relationships. To enhance the effect of love witchcraft, you should:

Perform the ritual only on the growing moon.

To pronounce the conspiracy text by heart, it is not recommended to read from a piece of paper.

Remove all metal jewelry from yourself in advance. It is believed that the metal attracts energy, so the rite may not work.

Untie all knots. This applies to belts, belts, braided bracelets, all kinds of ties on clothes. It is believed that the nodes can bind cosmic energy to a specific place.

Dissolve the hair. This is the main condition for working with love magic. Braided hair can close the energy outlet on the person pronouncing the love words. And this can have negative consequences.

These basic rules will protect the person conducting the ceremony and strengthen the conspiracy of mutual love. Candles and incense also help make the love spell stronger. They should always be available to a magical practitioner.

Difference from a simple conspiracy

Many do not see significant differences between a conspiracy and a love spell, but these two rituals are significantly different from each other. You can speak a person with words. Love spell in words, without the use of the ritual is impossible. For a conspiracy, it is enough to pronounce a certain sequence of words after a person for him to act. For most love spells, spells should be pronounced in a specific place and at the right time.

Conspiracies and spells are small sentences that are easy to remember. They can use small items as an addition. Here are some examples of love spells:

For bread. For this spell, you should sprinkle a piece of bread with a pinch of salt with the words: May the servant of God (name) be faithful to me as a dog is faithful to man. Amen. Spell three times, feed the dog bread.

On the mirror. Catch the reflection of the desired person in the mirror, holding his image, say the words: As the face remains in the mirror, so let the servant of God (name) turn to me and stay with me. Amen. Repeat three times. Always carry a mirror with you. If you break the mirror, the spell will lose its power.

For a treat. Treat the object of adoration with food or sweetness with the words: As food is sweet to the servant of God (name), the image of the servant of God (name) will become sweet. Your word is strong and eternal. Amen. The words can be pronounced in advance over the treat.