Looking for the latest design skate boots? Know how to select the ideal model in 2021

We cannot teach you the ability to do skate tricks, but we can help you choose the best skate shoes based on your tastes and the use you will give them. The life of a skate shoe is brutal. It is one of the footwear that receives the most impact when continuously crawling. However, this is not a problem, as they are designed not to deteriorate for two days. Here you can find the essential points that you have to look at when buying skateboarding sneakers.

Step 1: the type of sole

The first thing you should pay attention to about a skate shoe is the type of rubber with which the sole is made. Here we will find two types of soles: Vulcanized and Cup-sole, which differ mainly in manufacture and hardness: the former has a softer and more flexible rubber than the latter.

Step 2: the type of reed

We refer to the height of the skate shoe. We are faced with three very different styles – Low-Top (shoes below the ankle), Mid-Top (ankle shoes), and High-Top (shoes above the ankle). High-top men’s skate shoes are perfect when it comes to the safety of your ankles and joints.

Step 3: uncovering all the layers

The most important thing is the cushioning. Most of this cushioning is found in the midsole (generally made of EVA foam, which is light and flexible), foot-bed (usually made with foam, gel, or a mixture of the two, provides extra cushioning), and heel (some shoes have different heel cushioning in the form of gel inserts). You should also take into account in this section the pattern of the sole, as it can affect the grip of the board. Two of the most popular designs are the Herringbone or the Waffle. If you are going to dedicate yourself to big jumps, you will need more cushioning to absorb the impacts.

Step 4: know the materials.

What your skate shoes are made of is another critical point. If you want to perform continuous stunts, you will need more rigid fabrics, while if you are more of a board walker, lighter materials will serve you perfectly.

Step 5: seek comfort.

You have already gotten used to the idea of ​​a skate shoe’s fundamental technical aspects, but it will be of little use if you do not feel comfortable when it comes to putting on shoes. Women’s skate shoes should not be too loose or too tight.