Living In a Small Bachelor Condo? Add These Items to Simplify Life

If you happen to reside in a 500 sq. ft condo Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai), space is premium. It might look that there isn’t sufficient space to install a swing chair. But millions encounter the same problem, and they undergo similar kinds of pain. The best part however is that there are a few items that you can add to your small condo to make it better.

Small Condo Must-Have Checklist

Mobile Cart for Better TV Watching Experience

Though you might not have sufficient space in your condo for a gigantic TV, that isn’t a big deal, this is when you need a rolling cart to help you out. Keep a TV in your living area and for the night you can roll the cart along with the TV to your bedroom. It will be happy binging time watching your preferred shows while being comfortable on the bed.

Murphy Beds for Double Duty

While at first, you might flinch thinking or visualizing a Murphy bed, but the present-day Murphy beds have advanced in all aspects. The modern-day Murphy bed serves double duty; as a sofa and as a bookcase, and looks eye-catching as well. Murphy beds are ideal for a small bachelor condo.

Mirror for Larger Space Illusions

Mirrors not only are useful for getting decked up, but it is also a perfect must-have in small condos to render an illusion of more space. Investing in a mirror will offer you the optical illusion of a bigger room than it originally is, making it the best purchase for small bachelor condos.

Hangers that Are Space-Friendly

Nothing stands worse than owning a wardrobe with restricted space for a closet. Hang on, here is something that can prove highly-productive for you. Space-friendly hangers let you triple the closet space dramatically but in an organized manner.

Drawer Equipped Coffee Table 

Other than investing in a coffee table with vacant space underneath, why not make the most of it. Coffee table that come with in-built drawers are the best when it comes to storing your flip-flops or maybe books. 

Rolling Bins to Store Your Linens

Are you having a hard time searching for a space to store your additional linen? Your struggle comes to an end, as rolling bins are the most ideal place to keep all your linens and or magazines. By just sliding the rolling bins underneath your bed, you can keep it hidden. 

A few more useful items that you can bring into it your condo are a trash can, pot lid organizer, shower caddies, makeshift towel rack, corner shelves, pegboard, extra fridge storage, etc. These items not only make your condo living a better one but also productive and highly-efficient.