Learn More About Chemical Wash and Cleaning of Air Conditioner

As the climate of Singapore remains hot and humid for most of the months in a year, many of the houses here run AC 24 x 7. Hence, it is more likely to catch dust and debris from the surroundings.

Also, in addition to that if the user does not take enough care and maintenance of their AC unit then sooner than later the AC unit becomes less efficient and may consume more power to run and becomes ineffective to cool the room.

Due to this reason, your AC will need a chemical wash, which is a very special technique used for the cleaning of the AC unit. Airconservicing who has been offering maintenance service to people in Singapore for the last 18 years can offer a cheap aircon chemical wash price service.

Few benefits of chemical washing of your AC

You can get plenty of benefits by going for a chemical wash of your AC and some of them are:

1.     Clears the entire dust and dirt from your air filter

Due to dust and dirt often the AC filters get blocked up and as a result, there is improper air circulation from your system, and also it can limit the free flow of the air. As a result, your AC will be forced to work under pressure and becomes inefficient.

This will result in very poor performance of your AC unit and often the system may break down and your energy bill may also increase alarmingly. Chemical cleaning will help you to remove any dust and dirt, improve the air quality, and also allow your system to function more efficiently.

2.     It will remove all blockages and will prevent your condenser from freezing

Since the condenser is involved during the heat exchange of the AC system for cooling the air, if this is properly not cleaned by flushing the blockages, it will be very difficult to maintain a cool airflow.

By doing chemical washing, all these external or internal blockages can be removed that were impeding your condenser. Removing any blockages can also help to stop the condenser from getting frozen, which is often caused either by a dirty air filter, or blockages in the air ducts or due to fan that may be malfunctioning.

3.     Chemical washing can identify various leaks and other issues

If your system gets washed regularly then you can identify any problems like leaking refrigerant, which is very harmful and may lead to various health issues.

4.     Chemical washing will clean your system’s evaporator

The evaporator coils are the most integral part of the AC system. With chemical washing, it will be possible to ensure that dust and dirt buildup is removed, for avoiding any malfunctioning of your evaporator.

5.     Chemical washing will enable proper checking of each part

When your AC system will receive chemical wash then the technician can also check every part whether they are functioning correctly.

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