Keeping Your Car Protected During Winter    

The winter months are extremely harsh on all the cars that are constantly left outdoors. In most parts of the country, snowfall, ice and subfreezing temperatures are all common. With repeated and prolonged exposure, water and salt can cause rust to form. Left long enough, the rust will eat away at your car’s pipes, mirrors, and wheel spokes.

And since winter weather can do a lot to your ride, protection should be one of your main concerns for the season. To help you avoid paying huge bills in repairing, here’s our top 5 tips to keep your car protected and running at its best this winter.

  1. Wash Your Car Regularly

Although washing your car often may seem like a waste of time and money when it’s bad weather outside, keeping your vehicle clean during winter is more important than ever. Other than making your car look dirty and untaken care of, winter elements like salt, ice and snow can be extremely corrosive. And while road salt helps keep the roads in good driving condition, it’s tough on our cars. Because of its corrosive property it can damage your car’s paint, clear coat, exhaust system, brake and gas lines, and undercarriage.

  1. Keep Your Car In The Garage

Try and avoid parking in the street during winter. Not only will parking outside make your car more susceptible to damage from other cars or theft, but storms and blizzards can also bury your vehicle under snow and cover it in salt. While sitting outside, your vehicle will end up succumbing to snow, ice and plenty of debris in no time. If you don’t have any option to safely store your ride in a garage, you can use a car cover specially designated for winter. You can find many good recommendations by reading some trusted car cover reviews which can help you take an informed purchase decision.

  1. Install Winter Tires

Although changing to winter tyres might seem like a big financial commitment, they’re well worth the money. Compared to summer tyres which are built to have a better resistance during hot temperatures, winter ones offer an exceptional grip which leads to better steering and braking. And if all-season tires might seem as a more convenient and economical solution, we recommend that you stay away from them. By providing combined benefits from both summer and winter tires, as most experts agree, they are not ideal for drivers battling extreme cold, ice, and snow during the winter months.

  1. Use A Ceramic Coating

If you want to keep your car looking its best through the winter, in addition to cleaning it you should also apply a high quality ceramic coating. A professional product like Nexgen Ceramic spray will ensure that your paint gets protected not only from salt but other debris too. At the same time, the ceramic coating will also protect your vehicle from UV rays, which can fade the paint and make your car look dull. Once you have applied Nexgen spray to your vehicle, it will create a barrier that won’t allow snow and other debris to stick to it, so that you won’t need to wash your car as often as before. Find out more about how to apply ceramic coating to your car.