James Weathered – A Black American Man Living His Life On His Own Terms

“Life on your terms” is a phrase that gets used often, but what does it mean? What does it mean to be living life on your terms? And why does that even matter?

Some people adjust to their life’s circumstances and live a life that has nothing extraordinary, and then some people want to fight against all the odds and get all the things they want to be theirs.

The person who is our inspiration for today’s write-up is one from the latter category, who has never learned to settle for anything less than the best. It is James Weathered Jr

James Weathered Jr is a motivational life coach who has been in the business for over 19 years. Despite his many ups and downs in life, he has achieved all his dreams, which has been possible by working on himself and constantly focusing on self-growth. 

During my younger years, James grew up in the South Fort Worth area; many people would’ve considered the area to be one of the most challenging areas of Fort Worth. But even as a young person, James could see opportunity; James was the kid who opened many businesses and failed from the age of 19 to 30. 

At 30 years old, James had figured out how to run an unsuccessful business perfectly; never willing to accept failure James opened his 1st successful business in 2002, API, a staffing firm that specialized in multifamily personnel services, Where James was featured in the entrepreneur Magazine in 2003 on a (shoestring).

By 2005 API was dissolved due to divorce, leaving me a single parent of 3 homeless living in a shelter in the Fort Worth area. While living in the shelter, James found the purpose for his talent; the support of people and their career opportunities mattered. It took him 12 years to overcome the life hurdles of accepting minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. 

In 2014 after his youngest child started school, he returned to the business world as a strong-minded entrepreneur opening Direct Placement LLC, CEO, with the purpose of people. Direct Placement LLC is the largest minority-owned staffing firm in the multifamily industry serving the Atlanta, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston, Seattle, Oklahoma, and Florida area’s layering himself as a serial entrepreneur as CEO of Harbert Homes; they like to assure the community nothing but the best housing they build new construction home for the section 8 programs and Executive size AIRBNB’S for corporate events and Key entertainers coming to the Dallas Market. 

Today James has a net worth of 5.7 million and growing every day.

Hence James inspires many people around him to work on themselves and never give up. Living life on your terms means having purpose and fulfillment in your life and having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to you. It’s essential to do this because how you feel about your life and work affects you and everyone around you. You can make this happen by starting today and taking action!