Is Voice Recognition The Future Of Online Games?

Voice recognition is a top trend at the moment, and gaming industries are beginning to take a keen interest. Many people believe that voice recognition could become an integral part of games in the future. That is a foreseeable future because voice recognition is fast becoming a part of daily life. There are many smartphone assistants available today that use voice recognition services to answer users’ questions. The aviation sector is not left out; you can find an ATC simulator with voice recognition software today that makes learning aviation much easier. To determine if voice recognition is the future of online games, let’s look at the pros and cons of voice recognition.


Below are some of the advantages to be enjoyed with voice recognition becoming an integral part of online games.

  • Speed: With voice recognition in online games, you can carry out actions much faster than you would when typing or using controls. An ATC simulator with voice recognition is impressive because you can carry out operations much faster and gain the points you need. There is no pressing the wrong button or typing the wrong command. With voice recognition software, you can simply say the commands, and the software will carry it out immediately.
  • Convenience: It is also a convenient method to play games. Your hands don’t need to be involved, and you can simply focus your attention on your screen alone. Many people who have played an ATC simulator with voice recognition have professed how much more convenient it is to merely speak and have your commands carried out than manually controlling the simulator. Convenience is one of the major reasons many people subscribe to voice recognition services. Having this software available in your favorite online game is a game-changer for the industry.
  • Personalization: It offers a personalized experience and makes playing easier and more fun. Speaking the commands catapults you to the world created in the games and made it feel more real. If you’re playing an ATC simulator with voice recognition, you feel like you’re right there in the airport as an air control officer in charge of air traffic control and flights.
  • Specialization: Voice recognition software is also a great way to learn terms and phrases in a particular sector. Since you now have to speak the words, you can become proficient in the terms, phrases, and techniques you can use outside the game.


As amazing as voice recognition in online games is, there are some downsides to using voice recognition, and below are some of them.

  • Inaccuracy: This is one of the top downsides to voice recognition software. Players might experience some minor errors when they use voice recognition for many reasons. The voice recognition software might not recognize some accents, which could result in glitches. This factor could also happen due to a change in speech clarity or voice tone. These inaccuracies could spoil a player’s mood and probably lead to a lack of interest in the game.
  • Limited Vocabulary: Most online games adapt industry-specific terms in their voice recognition software. This feature limits the software’s vocabulary and might cause the software to struggle with your strange words. While the voice recognition software tries to make sense of your words, you might face many delays while playing your game.

Despite the downsides associated with voice recognition in online games, we can all agree it is an innovation. This new technology can take online games to the next level and will continue to evolve. Hopefully, developers will update the software to account for inflection, global languages, and voice changes. Until then, players will simply have to exercise patience and practice clear enunciation while updating their vocabulary.