Interior Designers And Their Essential Values for You

Interior designer and interior designer are two professions that we often tend to confuse. Admittedly, they both take care of the decoration of your interior, however appealing to one or the other will not necessarily give the same result. This is precisely what differentiates the profession of interior designer from that of decorator.

What Are The Missions Of An Interior Designer?

An interior designer is a specialist in the planning of interior spaces. Based on the expectations and needs of the client, he designs, designs and arranges the interior spaces. He can thus eliminate partitions or install a staircase to connect two levels, but is not however authorized to modify the structure of the building. As a project manager, the interior designer can also take care of the monitoring of the site and give orders to the craftsmen hired on the site.

The interior designer can intervene in the planning of private and public spaces. He is particularly sought after for the arrangement of spaces in an apartment, an office, a shop or even performance halls. The main mission of an interior designer is to transform a space so that it is more welcoming and functional, without neglecting its aesthetic aspect. The layout of the space by an interior designer also aims to make it more comfortable.

Although it is not authorized to work on the load-bearing walls of a building, it nevertheless takes care of many technical aspects, in particular the passage of electricity supply networks. As a volume specialist, he can create or delete partitions. He also takes care of lighting, decoration and the choice of materials. To create a good flow of circulation in a room, the interior designer also takes care of the location of the furniture. For a harmonious result, he can even design the shape, color and lines of a piece of furniture.

What Are The Missions Of An Interior Designer?

An interior designer, as the name suggests, takes care of everything related to the decoration of an interior. Depending on the style of decoration desired by the owner of the house, he will take care of the choice of furniture and its location. He will also choose the colors and materials that most highlight the aesthetics of an interior. He can thus advise on the choice of coating . He can also give advice on the choice of curtains and other decorative accessories to place in the living room, in the bedroom or in the entrance hall.

The interior designer is hired so that he can improve the visual and aesthetic appearance of a room. He can thus choose the shape of the furniture, the color of the wall, the choice of textiles and the choice of lighting. However, all the suggestions he will offer you will be based on the style of decoration you want to have. In fact, the interior designer mainly aims to enhance and personalize the aesthetic appearance of a house.

The Differences Between An Interior Designer And An Interior Designer?

At first glance, they are both responsible for improving the aesthetic appearance of an interior, to make it more comfortable. However, the decorator is not authorized to remove a partition to save space. Its role is confined quite simply to decorating, which involves the choice of materials and colors. The interior designer, meanwhile, offers various design solutions to optimize space. He can also design furniture and decorative objects that allow you to customize the style of your interior. He can also follow the site and hire the craftsmen to carry out the various works.

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