How to Prepare Your Business for Reopening Including the Installation of the Big Berkey Water Filter

You’re lucky if your business is under an industry that already received a signal to reopen. You can start making profits again. You can even rehire the employees who got retrenched because your business isn’t making any money. Things are no longer the same once you reopen, and yup have to prepare for it. Start by installing the Big Berkey water filter.

Due to the pandemic, people became more health-conscious. They fear getting infected and are taking all the necessary precautions. Although the current pandemic isn’t waterborne, you still need to have a water filter. It prevents a potential waterborne outbreak. Besides, anyone can get sick because of other pathogens and not only due to the coronavirus. Using the water filter is an excellent start in preparing your workplace for the return of the employees. These are other tips you should consider.

Hire cleaning services

Deep cleaning is necessary to guarantee the cleanliness of the workplace. It’s been a while since someone entered the office, and dust already started to collect on top of the desks and other furniture.

You might even have to partner with these cleaning companies on a long-term basis. You need someone to clean the space up after work so that the workplace stays clean the next day.

Check the latest health guidelines 

Before you reopen, you have to confirm that the business is already allowed by the government to operate. It could be a risk to reopen without approval from the government since you might have to close again.

There are also some health guidelines that you need to follow. These policies ensure that everyone stays safe while working. Most of them are related to social distancing and the use of masks. Be firm in enforcing these rules to avoid earning the ire of the government. It could lead to the forced closure of your business again. Besides, even without consequences, you should still follow the guidelines for the sake of your employees. You want them to stay safe while working, and these recommendations are of huge help.

Create policies to prevent overcrowding

If you have dozens of employees, it might be easy for different areas to be overcrowded. Make sure you remind everyone to socially distance. You can even install barriers between desks to prevent direct contact. Limit the number of employees using the pantry at a given time. If it’s not possible, you have to close these communal spaces.

For meetings, make sure that only the important people involved will attend. You might even have to continue doing online meetings even as you return to a regular office setting. Meetings involving dozens of employing might violate social distancing rules.

Distribute personal protective equipment

You can help your employees stay safe by distributing personal protective equipment such as masks, face shields, and gloves. Not all of them can afford to change the equipment they have at home regularly. Others don’t have access. Since you have to provide for several employees, you can purchase bulk and make a good deal with manufacturers.

Increase security

You set safety policies for your employees, and they should extend to guests and clients. Everyone needs to follow these rules to ensure no one gets exposed. Request all your guests to leave information at the reception. You can use it for contact tracing purposes later. You can also prevent anyone without an appointment from entering the premises.

Improve channels of communication

You have to inform everyone if there are changes in regards to the policies. You have to be quick in disseminating information, especially if someone tested positive and exposed plenty of people. Improving the channels of communication helps spread the message before things get worse. If there are violations of safety guidelines, you can inform everyone right away.

Determine the plan of action 

You need a reason to get back to a regular office setting. If everyone can work from home, there’s no point in forcing your employees to get to the workplace. Besides, if they have proven their capacity to submit tasks on time despite not going to the actual workplace, you can trust them to keep doing great.

Since you decided that employees should start working again, you need to explain the specific tasks. Everyone must know why they have to go to the office, and what the short-term goals are.

Be flexible

You have to understand that not all your employees feel comfortable going back to work, especially since the virus is still spreading. Offer exemptions to those who are unable to go to work due to age or underlying physical conditions. You should also avoid being too strict with single parents who won’t have anyone to leave their children to. Let them know that you understand the situation, and you can make adjustments. As long as they get things done on time, it’s enough.

Stay updated 

You don’t know what will happen over the next few days. Your business can be forced to close again. You might also have to improve your health guidelines. Keep yourself abreast of government policies. Prepare to enact these changes right away if necessary. Ask people from the government if you’re uncertain. You may also connect with other businesses in the same industry.

It’s exciting to get back to regular operations finally. Some of your employees might have been really sad about working alone at home. It’s their chance to have human interaction again. You can also take more profits to keep the business going since you can sell products and services.

However, anything could happen, so you can’t be too complacent. Prepare your business for the worst possibilities. If you have to close again, you need a backup plan. Ensure that your employees are doing well, and guide them through this difficult time. Offer programs to help them deal with mental health issues. Avoid putting them under immense pressure and relax some of the work policies.