In which diseases are the enzymes therapeutic

In this article we are going to learn what is Enzymotherapy and what diseases it can cure or prevent.

Systemic enzymes are suitable for the response of the immune system and for the relief of inflammation.

Inflammation is the cause of many serious and chronic diseases.

Systemic enzymes reduce inflammatory markers, relieve pain and swelling, eliminate toxins, waste and blood fibrous from the bloodstream.

Enzymes improve quality of life, reduce recovery time and are necessary to prevent diseases.

What is enzymtherapy

Enzyme replacement therapy is a medical treatment that replaces an enzyme that is insufficient or absent from the body. Usually, this is achieved by giving the patient an intravenous (IV) infusion of a solution containing the enzyme.

The replacement is currently available for certain diseases of lysibodies: Gauche disease, Fabray disease, MPS-Blenpolysaccharidosis I, MPS-Vlenpolysaccharidosis II (Hunter syndrome), MPS-Blenpolysaccharidosis VI and Pomp disease-type II glycogen storage disease.

Enzyme replacement therapy does not correct the underlying genetic defect, but increases the concentration of the missing enzyme in the patient and is also used to treat patients with severe combined immunodeficiency resulting from adenosine autoimmune deficiency.

Enzyme replacement therapy is also used for patients with enzyme or protein deficiency, gene therapy and bone marrow stem cell transplantation.

What are lysosomes?

Lysosomes are cellular organelles that are responsible for the metabolism of many different macromolecules and proteins. They use enzymes to break down macromolecules. There are 50 lysosomal diseases.

These disorders are due to genetic mutations that prevent the production of certain enzymes used in lysosomes. The missing enzyme often leads to accumulation of the substrate within the body. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, many of which are severe and can affect the skeleton, brain, skin, heart and central nervous system.

Increasing the concentration of the missing enzyme within the body has been shown to improve the body’s normal cellular metabolic processes and reduce the concentration of the substrate in the body.

Enzyme replacement therapy is also successful in the treatment of severe combined immunodeficiency caused by adenosine deaminase deficiency, which is a fatal childhood disease requiring early medical intervention.

When the enzyme adenosine deaminase is insufficient in the body, the result is the toxic accumulation of metabolites that affect the growth and function of lymphocytes. Many children with adenosine deaminase deficiency are treated with the adenosine deaminase enzyme paired with polyethylene glycol and live much longer.

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