Important Things Your Austin Physician Needs to Know

An Austin physician is an integral medical professional for protecting the health of their patients. Patients need to be an active part of their healthcare. When a person cooperates with their doctors, their health is more likely to remain protected. With this guide, people will learn about some things they need to tell their doctor.

What Should Patients Tell Their Doctors?

Some people do not realize all the information they should share with their doctor. When patients inform their doctors of all the details of their health, the doctor is better equipped to help them address any health issues. The following are some of the things a person should always share with their family physician.

  • A doctor needs to know what medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, their patients have been taking. All prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins need to be listed on the patient’s record. As changes occur, patients need to update their doctors.
  • While people do not like talking about it, sharing their sexual history with the doctor is critical. It is highly important for doctors to know how many sexual partners a person has had. Physicians also need to know if any signs of sexually transmitted diseases have occurred.
  • Doctors also need to be informed if their patient smokes, drinks, or uses recreational drugs. A doctor is not there to lecture their patients. Doctors need to know this information so they can treat their patients accordingly.
  • Patients also need to make sure they are telling their doctors about any mental health concerns, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and abuse. A family physician is trained to treat mental health issues. If a patient is dealing with any of these, the doctor can offer referrals to the right specialists.
  • Many people will lie to their doctor about being compliant with recommended care. If a person is not taking their prescribed medications, their doctor needs to know. Doctors can help their patients determine what is causing the issues. If a patient is not happy with their current medications, the doctor may be willing to prescribe others.
  • A person may not realize how detrimental a lack of sleep can be to their health. Poor sleep leads to many health concerns. A doctor needs to know if their patient is not sleeping well so they can offer help.
  • If someone has problems with energy, they need to tell their doctor right away. Low energy is a by-product of many illnesses. Doctors need to investigate why a patient is experiencing low energy. Any changes in energy levels should be reported to the doctor.

Choose the Right Family Physician

Choosing the right doctor is paramount for a family’s health. Everyone needs a doctor they can rely on for all their healthcare needs. People need to begin seeing the doctor shortly after birth and consistently throughout their lives.

By carefully researching their options, families can decide which doctor will offer them the highest level of care. After choosing a physician, families need to schedule their annual check-ups to ensure their health is protected.