Ideas for Planning the Perfect Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extensions can create a big open-plan room with space for dining, seating. Adding more space can also increase your home’s value if you decide to sell it in the coming years. Kitchen extensions can help make the best use of your space; even a simple or small kitchen extension can be the ideal solution to an awkward and not so functional room, plus, it will more than likely increase the value of your home too. The kitchen is the heart of your house, and as such, it plays a vital role in it. They are no longer being designed and built for just cooking, as modern-day kitchens look more beautiful, with large cabinets to store utensils, condiments’ and equipment like your refrigerator, oven, etc. space for people to sit. It is becoming increasingly popular these days as a way to utilize more space. For a growing family, a stylish and practical Home Extensions Dublin will add a lot of value to their home, as well as offering them an extra space where they can enjoy together.

Now we have understood the importance of kitchen extensions, now read the below-mentioned points to make the most out of your kitchen extensions:

See Kitchen as Your Living Room – Previously, people don’t give much importance to the kitchen, but modern homes have fully-furnished kitchens with potent and functional appliances for comfort. The kitchen not only keeps you healthy by providing a clean space for cooking, but it also poses a threat of deteriorating your health if not maintained properly. Hence, it becomes essential that you see your kitchen through the lens of a living room rather than just a corner of your home.

Picking the Right Appliances – Perhaps the most crucial part of any kitchen is the appliances, so picking up the appliances plays a vital role in improving the kitchen’s functionality. It is recommended to find materials that look sleek, energy-efficient and improve the kitchen’s overall aesthetics.

Amount of Space That You Need – This is also a critical point to consider; the amount of space you need for your House Extensions Dublin will depend on how you plan to use it. There’s no point in spending money on an extension that is too small or too big. The kitchen is the heart of family life and the room where we spend most of our time doing activities such as cooking, eating, socializing, working, and relaxing.

Hire an Architect – Hiring an architect is a good idea; an architect will ensure that your plans are structurally sound, try to take care of plumbing and electrical needs to be considered at the planning stage. Work with an architect can also inspire you with design solutions that you may not have considered. Hire someone who specializes in homeowner projects. The layout of your kitchen comes down to personal choice, but try to position cabinetry so you can enjoy garden views, socialize with the rest of the room while cooking or supervise children.

Be Budget Friendly – Many people have assumptions that to build a perfect kitchen extension, they have to spend a fortune, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. By being innovative, you can add that extra square footage for less than you might think. Budget kitchens can look super high-end, and vinyl flooring is an easy lay alternative to tiles and real wood.