How You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Horse

Do you have a horse you care about, but feel you don’t spend enough time with? Many people young and old alike find their lives are jam-packed with commitments, but it’s crucial to give your horse the attention they deserve. Check out these helpful suggestions on how the two of you can have more fun. 

Become More Hands-On With Them

If you normally have someone else do the grooming, feeding, or other typical caretaker activities for your horse, see if you can step in more. Make a point to brush them out more often, feed them, and spend time with them in this manner. Sometimes just these simple acts of care and love can help your horse feel closer to you. 

Train Together

Training together can be a good way for your horse to burn off energy while you get to know them better. You can start small, with simple tricks and work your way toward more advanced training. This is a must if you plan to do any type of show together, but it is still fun even if you don’t. Make sure you have the equipment necessary, such as kids horse jumps, so your horse can work on their skills. 

Go For a Gentle Walk or Ride 

If you aren’t feeling like doing anything specific and want to take it easy while spending time with your horse, a gentle walk or ride is usually a welcome change of pace. Let them decide where to go or pick someplace that you think you will both enjoy. 

Quality time with your horse might take a little extra work, but it is worth it. Get involved with the hands-on care, such as grooming, and consider training your horse so you can become more comfortable with them. When all else fails, a simple walk or ride can be good for the both of you.