How to Using Shelf Takers Can Help To Increase Your Sales

A Shelf Talker is a creatively printed sign that is attached to a retail shelf. They can be easily defined as paper printed cards or stickers put on the shelves of a store to provide information to customers about the products. You can see them in a lot of stores as they are unique and get attached easily to the shelf. There are various types of shelf talkers that are simply printed rectangles and with the simple tape/hardware you can attach them to the shelves. They are best and user-friendly for the retailers, and always the best choice.

Shelf talkers by the method used to attach them to the shelf. They have an important role and act as the voice of the product on the retail shelves. They require attention quickly and this helps the shoppers to focus on new things. 

They are small but work with more power than you think. It is powerful enough to drive the customers to your shelves and insists they make purchasing decisions. Shelf talkers not simply introduce new products but also used for raising brand awareness and advertising products. This is the reason they are also called silent salespeople which helps to play a crucial role in your category management strategy.

Best and Cost Effective Advertising Method

Shelf talkers from VC Print are an effective method of advertising. On one side where companies spend several dollars on television/newspaper ads, it takes a few dollars to print shelf-talkers. Also, if you compare the return on investment and also the profit then with different advertising methods you can use a shelf-talker for all other means of advertising.

Reduced Workload On The Retailers

Shelf talkers reduce the work of retailers as they already provide the information to the customers. After seeing this, customers don’t require the assistance of salespersons to guide them. They can simply read the information available on the talker and decide whether they want to buy a product or not. This saves time for retailers and customers.

Designer Shelf Talkers From Us

Retails shelves have no exception and depending on your marketing strategy you need to get a shelf talker that is an inexpensive way to communicate prices and offers of the products to your customers. A small shelf talker is best used for pricing and you can use a bigger shelf talker for better promotion in a larger way. The best shelf edge strips and shelf talker will contain the messages and additional product information which includes packaging of the products which are designed to be more appealing.

Shelf Talkers that Stand out from Competitors

The primary concern of each store is to keep customers happy and engaging.  The best work in the crowded product categories which gives customers to know about the multiple brands and their items. Shelf talkers provide a great opportunity to the product when there is multiple items competing for customers’ attention.

Build Best Product’s Image

The way of presenting the products to customers is also an art. Just beside the packaging, it allows suppliers to reach customers along with the best reason to purchase. If you are customizing shelf-talkers, this can attract customer’s attention and provide enough time to peak their curiosity and interest. 

Several suppliers struggle to move in volumes in the competitive market. So, shelf talkers provide an inexpensive opportunity to push products to the point of purchase and this gives them a chance to increase sales in the product category.

Localize shelf talkers 

Just the way you localize your store planning,  it is important to localize your shelf-talkers. Unlike other ways of advertising, shelf edge strips and talkers do not need to be set up by experts. You can create them with your idea or our experts will do that for you.

Stores continue to spend several hours reviewing their marketing plans and they are always in search of the best ways to efficiently market the products and insist customers’ to purchase decisions. Shelf talkers are therefore known as one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to drive customers. Shelf talkers are the best thing to use when you want your own self-servicing shelf. It makes the shopping experience look different and brings the attention of the customer to the item. When done from VC Print, they appear stylish and add value to your brand.