How to Use Trending Sounds on Reels to Grow Your Instagram Following

Did you know that Instagram might just be the best social platform for marketing? Whether you’re trying to grow your personal Instagram following so you can hit influencer status or you’re using Instagram to grow a business, you need to figure out how to leverage all of the tools that the app has to offer.

Sure, you’re posting photos and Reels and you’re diligently using hashtags, but you’re not getting as many “likes” or “follows” as you think you should. What are you missing?

Are you using trending sounds on Reels?

We’re here to talk about how you can use trending Reels sounds and songs to your advantage. Read on to learn more.

Why Do Trending Sounds on Reels Matter? 

While there isn’t much clear data available through the Instagram app itself, it’s clear from a cursory glance at your explore page that the videos that are getting the most attention tend to use the same sounds and songs.

Those sounds and songs may be from other Reels (or TikTok videos), current popular music, television shows, and more. It only takes one person to make the sound go viral and then everyone else rushes to use it in the same way.

Using these Reels sounds is a great alternative (or complement) to having to buy Instagram likes.

Browse the Explore Page for Inspiration

When you decide that you want to start using popular Reels sounds to your advantage, start browsing trending Instagram Reels on the explore page. Some of them will also pop up on your own front page and on Facebook (if you have it) so you won’t have to look too hard.

Notice sounds and songs that you hear often. Those are the ones that are trending.

Figure Out If a Sound Suits Your Brand

This matters more than many creators think. Whether you’re running a business on Instagram or a personal one, you need to match your “brand” persona with the reel. If you do something entirely unrelated to how the sound is being used on the app, you won’t get good engagement.

It will look like you’re trying too hard, and that’s the last thing that you want.

Some popular sounds only lend themselves to one type of video, like informational videos or lifestyle videos. Make sure that the sound won’t be too out of place.

Match Your Content to the Sound

Once you find a sound that suits your brand, create a video that will work well with it. Sometimes this requires lipsynching, sometimes dancing, and others it just requires matching up video cuts with the beats of the song.

Use other Reels as inspiration for your own. How can you take advantage of a sound or song without deviating from your brand?

It’s Time to Find Your New Trending Sound

It’s time to get creative and start using trending sounds on Reels to your advantage! Find something fun that matches your brand and start creating! You’ll get better engagement in no time.

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