How to use the metro services to travel in Dubai?

In this article, we will discuss how to use the metro to travel around Dubai city.

Also, we will discuss the different dining options that are available near the beaches.

How to use the metro to travel in Dubai?

Metro is one of the important things that are running in Dubai city day and night.

This is because these metro lines are present in every major street in Dubai city.

There are mostly two kinds of the metro line in which you can travel, and these are the read and the green line.

The red line is one of the busiest lines in the whole metro system of Dubai.

This is because it lies on that path where there are many offices and also agencies and shops.

This is why they have scheduled a metro every 3 – 4 minutes for people and in peak time every 7 minutes.

They do this so that the people can get in the metro safely and then get down at their stop.

However, the green line is the one that is the least crowded and has an interval of 5 minutes for each.

This is done so that the people in the green line can also travel to different parts of the city.

The best thing is that the green line comes near all the residential buildings and houses.

Every station is connected with either a bus stand or a cab stand that is useable at all times.

This is very convenient for the people who are travellers and also the local people.

To travel in the metro, you will need a Mol card which you will get at the metro stations.

This is like a debit card that will help you to enter the station and also exit the station.

Which dining options are available near beaches?

Beaches are known to be the most populated area in Dubai other than the malls and different stores.

So, whenever you are taking a Dubai beach holidays package, you need to make sure it contains food.

There are many different kinds of restaurants and also cafes that you can eat at near the beaches.

One of the most popular cafes in the Arabian Tea house and café bateel.

These are the best cafes in Dubai where you can easily sit down, chat with your partners, and enjoy your food.

Sometimes they even have a live performance where you can request them to play or sing a song.

They will try to fulfil your request if they know that song, or they will ask for another song.

This is why food is the most important thing to have in any of the packages that you take.

Food is one of the things that bring people closer and feel amazed and also make them enjoy themselves.

Due to Dubai having the greatest number of professional chefs, there are many restaurants to visit here.

You can find cafes inside shopping malls, near the beaches and also in the business areas.