How to track an Android cell phone with TOS spy app?

Android phones and tablet devices are important for everyone. Therefore, from parents to business professionals and from an individual to loved ones everyone these days is using digital phones worldwide. According to the stats, more than 90% of the cellphones worldwide are running with Android operating systems. Therefore, plenty of people out there are looking forward to tracking cellphone devices to monitor all the activities happening on the target device. So, they have no other option but to use the TOS spy app to get the job done. Before you look into the details let get to know about the reason behind tracking phones.

Who wants to track an Android phone?

Generally, people like parents, employers, and loved ones seem to involve in the surveillance of kids, employees, and the partner’s android phone. Parents want to spy on teen’s cellphone devices to make sure their online safety and to keep an eye on their inappropriate online activities. Furthermore, business owners want to keep an eye on business owned phone and tablet devices to prevent time-wasting and protect business intellectual property stored on the devices. On the other hand, people in a relationship want to do surveillance on their loved one’s activities to prevent cheating. Therefore, a phone tracker app is the best option.

What is the TheOneSpy spying software?

It is an application that is packed with plenty of products for cellphones running with Android, iOS, MAC, and windows computer devices. You can use it on your target cellphone device and use its online web portal available features like screen recording, call logs, call recording, GPS location, email spy, screenshots, IM’s social media, IM’s voice call recording, and keylogger. You can also use live camera streaming, live to surround listening, read messages, internet history, and remote features to block messages, incoming calls, and the internet. The application only takes a few minutes to complete its setup on the target device and further provide you instant results. It has a user –friendly interface and easy to navigate it on the target device. It is packed with both traditional and non-traditional set of features that empowers you to get the job done within no time.


It is compatible with all kinds of phones and tablets, ipads running with Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, you can use the phone spy software secretly on the target device without the target person knowing. It remains undetected and provides you instant results from time to time.

How to use TheOneSpy spying software?

If you want to track someone’s cellphone device, then you need to go through the TheOneSpy webpage. Once you have access to the target device and then get the subscription. You just need to visit your email account to get your hands on the credentials in terms of password and ID. In addition to that, get physical access on the target device of Android OS, and get started with the process of installation. Now complete the installation process and activate it on the target device. You can use the password and ID and get access to the online dashboard. Furthermore, you can use the features of the cellphone spying app and get the job done.

Use TOS spying software for Android Features

Screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the online dashboard and further you can activate the screen recorder software. Furthermore, the user can record back to the back videos of the screen and send it to the online web portal. Users can record videos of chrome, default browsers, email, social media, SMS, and other activities happening on the screen. You can watch all the recorded videos and get to know about the activities.  

Call recording

Users can record live inbound and outbound calls on the target phone of android and save the recorded calls data on the dashboard.

Call logs

Users can record live call logs of incoming and outgoing calls using android spying software.


Users can remotely capture screenshots of the target cellphone device, but you need to schedule plenty of screenshots at once on the target device.


TheOneSpy cellphone spy app is the best tool for parents that empower you to track android cell phone devices for digital parenting and to keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours.