How To Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Leash In San Francisco, CA

In this article we are going to talk about what to do to get your dog walking like a model canine citizen.

Training Dogs To Walk With A Leash

Set aside time to work with your dog on leash training before it’s time to go somewhere. Preparation makes all of the difference. Huge part of having a dog that behaves well on leash is being able to get their attention on you when they are distracted and just being outside right now is enough to distract almost any dog if your dog is it yet reliably looking at you outside while around minor distractions, keep working on that first before moving on. 

You don’t want to wait for your dog to start pulling on the leash then correct them and scold them for pulling. It’s so much better to motivate them to want to walk nicely rather than using special tools like choke, prong or electric collars. According to  360 Dog Walker “Teaching your dog to think from the inside out will always be far more portent and in the beginning stages of teaching your dog to walk nice on leash”. It’s super important to use lots of treats because they give you that opportunity to build communication with your dogs. Those treats are what keep them focused on you and over time as they become more used to walking with you in distracting environments you won’t need the treats anywhere near as much if at all. 

Dogs Need Love & Training Consistently

Sometimes it is uncomfortable for the dogs in a park where people might be walking their dogs or even outside the perimeter of a fence dog park. Sometimes your dog doesn’t pay attention on you in the presence of some other dog and he starting pulling you, just give a time. There may be something uncomfortable for your dog so give him a time. Huffington Post say’s “Take him back from the other dog that is distracting him to not paying attention on you”. When will you take him back from the distracted environment you will be able to get his eyes on you about twelve feet between the two of you. Now he will start listening to you, ask him to sit he will sit. Now you can command him and ask him to look at you and when he started looking at you ask him to sit, he would definitely sit.


If you can get your dog to sit in the presence of something, they are distracted by that probably means they are pretty receptive to listening to you and taking direction. If however they won’t do something basic like a sit, lie down or look at me, Well that probably means you aren’t ready to work with them in that type of situation just yet. It would totally be fine to have them go and say hi to each other. But if you are really walking your dog you don’t necessarily want to stop and have your dog read. Every dog plus that may condition them to just pull towards every dog they see.