How to Ship Your Belongings for an International Move

Whether you’re moving for a job opportunity, missions work or relocation, an international move involves learning new languages, applying for visas and shipping your possessions. There are multiple ways to ship your items overseas, but all involve various levels of complications that planning can help prevent. Here are the most common ways to ship your items to a new country.

Ship by Sea

The least expensive way to get your items overseas is by ship. A container will arrive at your home for you to pack your belongings in. Then a truck will pick up the container and take it to a port to load on a ship. International moving companies typically offer door-to-door or door-to-port services. They have agents on hand to help you manage each part of the moving process. Vehicle Shipping Lauderdale Lakes FL can also happen by sea. Just make sure your vehicle is legal to drive in the country you’re moving to. An agent can help you determine if you need a full container or a partial container.

Ship by Air

Moving items by air is less common and more expensive. If you’re on a quick timeline, this may be the best option. There are weight limitations when it comes to air freight because planes can only carry so much cargo. The convenience of air freight may be worth it when you want your items to arrive as soon as possible.

No matter what shipping method you choose, it’s a good idea to weed through your belongings ahead of time to avoid paying for unnecessary items. Can you rent items in the new country and keep your furniture in storage instead of paying thousands to move all of your stuff? Calculate how much a storage unit might be for the length of time you’ll be living overseas versus how much it would cost to ship it.