How To Prevent the Theft of Your Catalytic Converter

Did you know there’s a critical component in your car’s exhaust system that’s also worth loads of money? It’s called the catalytic converter and it’s used to transform harmful toxins, like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide, from the exhaust into safer compounds, like carbon dioxide and water, before sending it on to your exhaust pipe. This keeps the atmosphere cleaner and reduces the emissions pollution coming from your car. The theft problem arises because catalytic converters contain precious metals, most commonly platinum, rhodium and palladiium, to convert the substances. Here are some tips to help prevent the theft of your catalytic converter and avoid a costly replacement.

Park in Well-Lit Places

The easiest way to avoid losing this crucial car part is to park under lights. Install bright, motion-detected lights that shine on your driveway to deter thieves from pocketing the money on your catalytic converter scrap. If your garage is kept clean and organized, consider parking behind those closed doors.

Calibrate Your Alarm

The alarm on your vehicle can be calibrated to sound when it detects vibrations. To thwart the thieves attempting to remove your converter, set the alarm noise to a high level to startle them and get them out of your driveway.

Engrave Your VIN Number

Ask your mechanic about the option of engraving your vehicle identification number onto your catalytic converter. A reputable scrap yard will investigate the VIN before accepting a converter to ensure they aren’t party to an underhanded sale.

Consider Welding

Welding the converter in place can make it difficult for thieves to remove, which can stop them in their tracks and make them move on. The bolts that attach it to your car can be welded or the catalytic converter can be welded to the frame of your car.

If you live in an area susceptible to the theft of catalytic converters, put these preventative measures in place to avoid being the victim of a stolen car part.