How to Play Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Bingo is a game that’s been around since the 1500s. Online bingo only became available in 1996. It has become so popular because it is convenient and easy to play. It also offers fun ways to win and some big prizes. 


Where can you play online bingo?


A few online casino sites in the U.S. are dedicated solely to bingo. Others put it under a link in Specialty Games. U.S. law still sees online bingo as a form of gambling. There are exceptions to the ban but it is still rather a gray area. 


Choosing a licensed casino is essential whether you want to play bingo or any other casino games in the U.S. Licensed online casinos have to follow rules and regulations so you can be sure it’s safe to play online. 


How do you play the game?


Once a game starts, the dealer will call out a series of random letter and number combinations. You will mark off these numbers on your card. When playing online, the software can automatically mark off the numbers for you. 


The first player who completes a straight line with five marked-off numbers in a row wins a prize. The player who completes two straight lines will win the next prize. The first player to cover every number on a card wins the jackpot. 




Top casino games are known for the jackpots they offer, and bingo is no different. Jackpots are not only awarded for covering all the numbers on a card but also for completing certain patterns such as circles, stars, or triangles. The harder it is to complete a pattern, the larger the jackpot. 


Four corners is a pattern where players must cover all the corner squares on the card. A postage stamp is a winning pattern where you must cover for numbers in a square shape on any corner of the card. 


Choose a game carefully


There are many different types of bingo and it will help to choose the right game for your style of playing. You can play the 75-ball, which is faster than the 90-ball, or the 30-ball, which is faster than both. The most dominant variety is 75-ball bingo. Popular shapes in 75-ball bingo include four corners, pyramids, and diamonds. 


If you choose to play bingo in a less crowded room with fewer opponents, your chances to make money online from a game will increase.