How To Make Use Of UV Technology To Keep Home And Offices Coronavirus-Free?

During the phrase of coronavirus to make the home and office out of reach from the infection of COVID-19 several guidelines and products are useful in this pandemic. There are several technologies installed to remain safe but in the beginning phase, there was nothing that would help in sanitizing the daily useable items such as groceries, e-commerce packages, electronic items, and other essentials. But, recently, it has become possible with the introduction of UV disinfection bag in India that has been developed at low cost and lightweight disinfection bag that is based upon UV-C technology to sanitize all the daily useable things. 

After India got captured by the outbreak of COVID-19, mask, disinfectant, and sanitation are considered as outdoor essential but how to maintain indoor sanitization has been the biggest question.  It has been researched by the reputed institute of Harvard, CDC, and oxford that the coronavirus can survive on the mask, cash, phones, clothes, and other packages for three days that turns them the potential carrier. But, with the use of UV light one gets defended from COVID-19 because short exposure to UVC light can help to destroy the nucleic acid that can easily terminate the action of virus and bacteria to fight back the COVID-19 crisis.  

How UV-C technology is useful in fighting COVID-19?

The UV-C wavelength works together with the RNA and DNA of the cell and the microbes followed by the disintegration process of germicidal that is not similar to UV-A and UV-B waves.  The UVC disinfection bag made in India is quite portable and lightweight that stands approx 700 gms. The products are well tested and tried and therefore approved with three certifications i.e. certification of BIS in response to no UV leakage, ICMR and NaBL approval for effectiveness against COVID-19, and Boston university Conformity certification in favor of quality. 

Structure of the UVC disinfection bag:

 The bag is crafted to serve the purpose of 360º sanitization that ensures that the placed item gets disinfected from all sides. This bag is water repellent and composed of high-grade polyester fabric accompanied by Teflon coating. As far as the inner layer of the bag is concerned, it is known to be made of the specialized reflective non-woven lining that has the potential to enhance the UV reflectivity so it reaches every corner of the bag. There is a peephole that is composed of thick UV blocking material to ensure the safe vision of zero exposure to UV radiation. And the middle lining is composed of expanded polythene that is considered to provide stability and even provide thermal insulation to the bag. All the groceries, eCommerce, electronic, mask, and gloves can easily get disinfected that one need to take is that no liquid substance should be put in the bag as it could easily damage the inner material of the bag. 

Introduction to the cost-effective solution:

The low-cost solution is up in the market by Jainsons Light Online under the category of COVID 19 protection. This is an amazing solution that opts to offer safe and efficient disinfection service within an affordable range. This bag is boosted with the branded Philips 22watts UV-C germicidal lamp of 254 nm which has the highest germicidal properties that are approximately 9000 hours of lifespan. It is integrated with a 1.7-meter cord that is switched for easy operation. The structure has the provision of 2 tubes, 2 metal racks, and a high-quality reflective sheet that can easily be disinfected for 360º turns. This is the fitting that comes with the warranty of 1 year after use. And the peephole presence ensures the safety check if disinfection is in process. The bag has the potential to kill 99.9% of germs which has been approved by NABL accredited LAB and Boston University has validated the presence of Philips tube that is used in the bag to kill the germs of COVID-19 effectively. Moreover, the lightweight and portability, and folding ability act as the add-on to the product. 

Precaution while use: 

Germicidal UV-C lamp is known to emit radiation that is considered to be harmful to skin and eyes. So, one should be careful while using that their eyes and skin do not get exposed to the emitting light of the lamp. And, the bag needs to be switched on only when it is completely sealed and the light should be closed before opening the bag just after disinfection.