How to Make GIF Memes the Internet Will Love

Memes make us laugh, they brighten our days, and they even make great marketing strategies. You’ve likely seen at least a few memes in your everyday life, whether you realize it or not. You might see memes on t-shirts, sidewalk signs, music videos, commercials, and plastered everywhere on social media.

Of course, GIF memes are some of the most popular, and a well-executed GIF meme can take off. Here’s how to make GIF memes the internet is sure to love.

What’s a GIF?

First, let’s talk about GIFs. GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format, and GIFs can contain multiple frames so that you can animate them.

Images for a GIF can come from movies, TV shows, video games, pop culture, or just about anywhere. Animated GIF memes are a little more dynamic and exciting than traditional memes.

How to Make GIF Memes: Choosing the Video Clip

The first step in creating a meme is to find the picture or video clip that you want to use for it. There isn’t any rule on what you should or shouldn’t use, but videos that express a single emotion are the most popular.

For instance, some of the best GIFs of all time express an emotion, a funny moment, or an unexpected reaction.

When making memes, if you find it funny, there’s a high chance that someone else will find it funny too. Don’t worry about overthinking your choice when creating memes. Some will work, and some might flop, but it’s all in good fun.

Making the Joke

There are generally two types of GIF memes: ones with text and ones without.

Sometimes the video is enough to make it a laughable meme, especially when used as a reaction. Reaction GIFs are great for adding to texts, chats, emails, and so on. It can quickly catch on and become an inside joke.

Famous GIF memes, such as Blinking White Guy, Think About It, and Side Eye Chloe, remain popular years after their creation as reaction GIFs.

If you plan on adding text, make sure it’s readable. The text shouldn’t be too long, and the joke should be clear.

If you need some inspiration or ideas, check out social media pages. Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook have tons of memes you can check out.

Using a Meme Maker Online

If you want to know how to make memes, you’ll need the right program or app. The Adobe meme maker lets you create memes for free online—no experience necessary! All you need is to do is select a template to edit or create your own from scratch.

Once you have the video clip and you know if you want to use text or not, you simply need to upload everything, create your GIF, and publish it.

You Know What I Meme

Now that you know how to make GIF memes, you can go forward and start creating. The fun part of making memes is showing them off, so put them everywhere you can to try and get them to go viral.

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